Throwing Good Money After Bad Money



Bad money: Building a dog a dog park.

There are hundreds of areas of forest to walk or let dogs run, or walk the dogs around town and get to know your neighbors and their dogs.

Good money: Gazebo. That money could have gone to the Humane Society what with all the people abandoning or giving up their dogs.

Bottom line: How many dog owners use the park?

Percentage: Few. Most just let them run around their property.

Weather: How many months does the park get any real use?

A town of 15,000 should rethink its priorities on how to spend its money.

William Clayton


Pat Randall 2 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Clayton, The town did not pay for the dog park. Nor did they pay for the Gazebo.
All people that own dogs can not walk with them. The park gives them a place to let their dogs run while they sit and watch them and visit with other dog owners.
If it bothers you, don't go by there, spend your gas money at the Humane Society where they keep old sick dogs in cages that should be put to sleep and out of their misery.


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