Ways To Know You Might Be Feelin’ The Love


by Holly Crump, Special to the Roundup

My college roommate and I dreaded Feb. 14. Only “cool girls” were called to the lobby for beautiful bouquets of Valentine’s flowers and brightly colored boxes of rich chocolates. Susie and I hated that day.

Now, almost 45 years later, even though we had long ago found our own true Valentines, we still exchange e-mails on Valentine’s Day to say, “Remember when?”

Those lonely times in my college dorm taught me great empathy for anyone feeling left out on Valentine’s Day. Our greatest human needs are to feel connected, to feel needed and to feel loved by others. Even introverts, who seem to close the world out and crave alone time, need to feel we are valued and important to someone else.

Hallmark, Ghirardelli and FTD provide us with gifts to celebrate Cupid’s arrow, but the little things that happen the other 364 days of the year are the real celebrations of our greatest human needs.

When we connect with an old friend, when we pick up groceries for a sick neighbor, or when we sit in comfortable silence with someone who has heard all of our stories before, that’s when we’re feelin’ the love.

So this Valentine’s Day, I offer this short list of tributes to the other 364 days. Whether Cupid shot you yesterday, 30 years ago, or is still honing his arrow tip to a needlepoint, here are some ways to know you might be feelin’ the love.

If you believe his ridiculous excuse because it’s probably true, you might be feelin’ the love.

If he offers to watch the kids so you can have dinner with the girls, you might be feelin’ the love.

If he smiles when you change your mind again, you might be feelin’ the love.

If all he says is, “I’m glad you’re OK” as he watches the family car towed to the shop, you might be feelin’ the love.

If you say, “Whoops,” and he says, “There’s always room for one more,” you might be feelin’ the love.

When he watches your chick flick instead of his basketball game, you might be feelin’ the love.

If he holds your hand in public, you might be feelin’ the love

If he cancels a hunting trip because you are sick, you might be feelin’ the love.

If he says, “We’re in this together” when you’ve lost your way, you might be feelin’ the love.

When he says, “I was going to pick up a card for you tomorrow, when they go on sale ...” Well, you can decide that one for yourself. But I’ll bet if you look deep enough, you’ll discover that you might be feelin’ the love.


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