Pot’S Harm Doesn’T Discriminate



Recently I wrote (a letter) about convicts that were trying to get back into society, and how I gave them a job. And I said that most of them were doing time for crimes related to drugs and that they all told me they started on pot.

There was a piece on the news a short while back about a drug counselor, who had practiced for 30 years and who said the same thing: they all started out with pot, got bored with it and started using stronger stuff, which of course takes more money. Thus they did crimes to get that money.

There was a rebuttal by a person in Tuesday’s paper, Feb. 11, who obviously approves of pot. That person said possibly it was the “class” of people that I was talking about because they new a lot of people who used it and quit whenever they wanted to.

If that were true, then tell me why famous movie stars, performing artists and politicians have either died or are in rehab? Are they the lower class of people this person said I was talking about? I think not.

Drugs don’t care who you are, what degrees you have, how many songs you have on the charts, how many movies and Oscars you have.

Time will tell us if pot is harmless.

I already know it isn’t. I’ve seen the broken families and I know how it all got started.

I also have a son who has been in prison for more than half his life, for doing crimes to get money to buy dope. He is now 50 years old and guess what he got started on?

Dell Owens


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