Christopher Creek In State Of Confusion


Christopher Creek is in a state of confusion. Not only have the box elder bugs been mating; the robins made their appearance on Super Bowl Sunday; and now there have been numerous hummingbird sightings. Wildlife behavior being what it is, don’t be surprised if there is an early shed season with the antlers coming off way ahead of schedule.

Seventy-degree temperatures have brought legions of motorcycle enthusiasts to Rim Country. There have been a couple of times the parking lot at Creekside has been full of dressers. Seems as if folks are ready to jump the gun and that could make for a long and busy season for businesses here in the Creek.

Speaking of wildlife, Shelley brought a gang of gals up to the Bottle cabin for the weekend. They call it a retreat, but call it what you want … it’s a party.

The long Presidents’ Day weekend has brought folks out of the woodwork. Among those enjoying the warm winter weather were the Alvins, Opie and Pat; the Slaughters; and a number of new folks staying in the cabin rentals.

Time this comes out Friday we’ll be on our way to the Valley for an evening on Scottsdale Road. Now, you ask, what business has an old goat got in those high-fallutin’ gin mills where all the professional athletes and the tabloid people hang out? And you would be right. But my role would be more as a supervisor or an observer than a participant and it just might be interesting to see if there has been much change since 1970. Let’s just hope we don’t run into Justin, Miley or Britney!

The occasion is the wedding of Josh Flores and Samone Werlinger. Samone is Gary and Cindy Werlinger’s daughter. Ceremonies will be held at a venue called the Venue. That’s not too imaginative. By all accounts, it should be a hum-dinger. We’ll share the report next week.

Jack Kalmar was up to check things and says he’ll be coming back for the summer about the middle of March. He indicated the burn pit may reopen in March, but there still hasn’t been any funding available.

Winter card nights on Thursday evenings have been hosted back and forth, first at Dennis and Kelly O’Neill’s, then over to Alex and Irma Armenta’s. The food that these gals fix is more than worth the price of admission. Patsi Hostee and Curt and Debbie from Colcord are regular contributors with desserts and such. These get-togethers are a welcome diversion to the solitude of winter life here in the Creek.

Our poor Mimi has suffered another injury similar to what she has experienced the past couple or three years. Hope she recovers soon so she can return to her cabin down on Columbine this spring.

Judy Toole stopped by to remind everybody that the Judy Lynn Bradley Memorial is at 2 p.m., Saturday, March 1 at the Double D in Tonto Village. Food will be provided, but everyone is invited to bring photos and memories to share.

The National Weather Service in Flagstaff doesn’t see any moisture on the horizon. We haven’t had much for the year with the total at three-tenths. It could be worse. All the Great Lakes are frozen over or nearly so. That hasn’t happened for a while. Albany, N.Y has had five feet of snow while Barrow, Alaska has had about 18 inches. It amazes me how Atlanta, Ga. can be paralyzed with just a couple inches of snow. And how is it when they get a foot of snow back East the news cycle can address nothing else, but remembering back when we get three or four feet of snow hereabouts that doesn’t even make a blip on the radar. Oh, we’ll get some moisture eventually. Seems like we always do.

Did you know that a drop of rain that falls just a mile and a half northeast of downtown Christopher Creek might end up in someone’s coffee pot in Pismo Beach, Calif.? Now, there’s a place where they need some rain. Anyway, runoff from the edge of the Rim runs north to the Little Colorado River, hence to the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead. Then, if it doesn’t end up in an ice cube in someone’s scotch and water at the Bellagio in Vegas, it travels further down the Colorado through the diversion aqueducts to the LA basin … and that’s another week in the Creek.


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