Not Too Soon To Get Ready For Fire Season


Here we go again — trouble with my computer. There was nothing but gobbly-gook when I turned it on Tuesday morning. I called The Computer Guys right away, (I bought the computer from them last year). I was told to bring the tower in and they would check it out.

Great! I am supposed to write and send in my column!

I was told that the repair would take at least a day since it looked as if there was a virus and it needed a cleanup of unwanted cookies. So, I am using a laptop with which I am totally unfamiliar. So here goes, let’s hope that I can get this done and sent!

Tax time

This past weekend I finally got motivated enough to go through stacks of paper and receipts for 2013 income taxes. I made a good dent, but now the file cabinets need to be emptied of last year’s papers. How about you, readers? Have you worked on your taxes yet or are you like so many other people and wait until the last minute?

Fire danger

The lack of rain has increased the hazardous conditions of our forest to such an extent that we are starting to make arrangements to leave if we have to evacuate. That means packing a suitcase, gathering important papers and deciding which items we would need, such as the computer, etc. Are we acting too hastily or irrational?

Hellsgate Fire Department

Remember that the February Fire Board meeting will be held this month at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 26 at the Star Valley station.


Get well wishes to Linda Stailey. Linda recently underwent shoulder surgery and she will be homebound for a few weeks. Linda is a longtime Tonto Village resident, the main cook for the Hellsgate Fireflies and a Domino Diva. We all wish you a speedy recovery.

Double D Doings

The pool tables were busy this past Sunday afternoon with the fourth in a series of six competitions. Michael Bryan and Betty Koutz were this week’s winners.

My column is short this week since I am working on an unfamiliar laptop. Next week will be longer.


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