T-Shirts And Shorts In Fashion For February

It’s T-shirt weather at Green Valley Park, even though it’s the middle of February. Not to worry. Mother Nature will level things out eventually. She always does.

Photo by DJ Craig.

It’s T-shirt weather at Green Valley Park, even though it’s the middle of February. Not to worry. Mother Nature will level things out eventually. She always does.


It seems almost unbelievable that this current run of warm, dry Rim Country weather has continued for so long. The willow trees are already popping their green leaves, spring flowers are pushing up through the ground and people are running around in shorts and T-shirts. And it’s only the middle of February!

As of this writing, the 10-day forecast predicts temperatures will continue well above normal, with the chance of precipitation listed at 10 percent for only one day, the other nine days are listed at zero percent. Odds are not good for Arizona to experience precipitation anytime soon.

But not to worry, that’s just the way Mother Nature operates and has for millions of years. When it’s too cold or too wet one year or decade, we can pretty much count on it to be too hot and dry the next. (I remember last year at this time the Canada geese were walking on the frozen lake at Green Valley Park — and this year most have already made an early exit for the north.)

Again, not to worry. Mother Nature has always had her way of leveling things out. And why worry about the weather anyway? There certainly isn’t a lot we can do about it. If it’s 70 degrees and sunny, with calm winds and low humidity, probably the best thing to do is just grin and bear it. A change is surely soon to come.

This Week’s Music Trivia Question

In 1987, jazz-styled improvisation vocalist Bobby McFerrin became famous for singing “The Cosby Show” theme song and the Levi’s 501 Blue jingle. The next year he debuted on the music charts with a song that was featured in the movie “Cocktail,” starring Tom Cruise, which would soar to number one and later become the Grammy Song of the Year. The record became a one-hit wonder for McFerrin, as he never charted another hit.

This week’s question is — What is the title of McFerrin’s one-hit wonder? Is it: A) “Please Don’t Worry;” B) “Why Worry;” C) “Don’t Worry Baby;” or D) “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?”

If you’re caller number five with the correct answer, you’ll win a CD of your choice of genre or artist. Good luck!

Last Week’s Music Trivia Question

On April 10, 1970, Paul McCartney announced that The Beatles were officially disbanding.

Soon thereafter, all four members of the band began what turned out to be highly successful solo recording careers, each producing two or more songs that would reach number one on the U.S. charts.

Last week’s question was: Of the four Beatles, which of the Fab Four went on to produce the most number one songs in the United States? A) John Lennon; B) Paul McCartney; C) George Harrison; or D) Ringo Starr?

The correct answer was Paul.

McCartney, over a 12-year period with his band Wings, had nine hits reach the top of the Billboard Hot-100 chart, with his 1982 duet with Stevie Wonder, “Ebony and Ivory,” as his biggest chart-topper, spending seven weeks at number one.

Harrison had three number one hits and was the first Beatle to earn a number one with his hit “My Sweet Lord,” which he released in November 1970, just seven months after The Beatles’ break-up. His two other number ones were “Give Me Love, Give Me Peace On Earth” in 1973 and “Got My Mind Set On You” in 1988, 15 years later.

Lennon had two singles reach number one. “Whatever Gets You Thru The Night” went to the top spot in the fall of 1974.

His last release, “Just Like Starting Over,” debuted on the chart on Nov. 1, 1980 (five weeks later, Lennon was shot to death by Mark David Chapman in New York City). The song went to number one two weeks after his death and became Lennon’s biggest hit, remaining five weeks at number one.

Starr, The Beatles’ diminutive and effervescent drummer, had chart-topping hits with “Photograph” (which had backing vocals by George Harrison) and “You’re Sixteen” (that had Paul McCartney on the Kazoo), both in 1973.

Congratulations to last week’s first-time music trivia winner, Kathleen Kelly, who won a CD of The Beatles’ 20 number one hits.

Kathleen was born in White Plains, N.Y. and raised in Chicago. After graduating from Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, she entered the convent and became a nun, which she practiced for seven years.

Since 1968, Kathleen has been an ER and critical care nurse. She practiced for a number of years in Show Low and continued her profession at the Payson Regional Medical Center when she moved to Payson in 2000.

Kathleen is now retired and enjoys designing stained glass, volunteering at the Time Out Shelter and singing with her husband, Jim West, as part of the local Take Two Band. The love birds have been married since 2008. She has two children, a daughter in California and a son in Wisconsin.

Kathleen says her favorite music genres are Pop-Rock, Celtic and Country Western. She puts the Dublin Rambler, Willie Nelson, and Merle Haggard at the top of her favorite artists list.

A final note

Have a great week and enjoy this spectacular Rim Country weather — while it lasts!

DJ Craig, (928) 468-1482

Web site: www.djcraiginpayson.com


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