The True Killers Are Alcohol And Tobacco



I must admit that I am confused after reading the rebuttal letter about the dangers of pot. I find it very strange that all of these convicts he mentions started on pot, an allegation that flies completely in the face of official government statistics. Wherever these alleged convicts lived pot must have been lying around and readily available to every child. Otherwise, how could they all have started on pot? I’m really sorry to read about your son. But again I’ll wager that he and the others snuck beers out of the family refrigerator before going on pot. Naturally this drug counselor you quoted said pot was dangerous, their very job depends on it remaining illegal.

I don’t understand the statement that said movie stars and prominent others have died or are in rehab. What kind of rehab? What did they die from? Again the government says that there has never been a death due to marijuana. As for rehab pot clinics I have never heard of one; clinics for alkies, nicotine addicts, hard drug users, gamblers, etc., but never for pot. How many families have been broken up due to pot? How does this compare to families devastated by booze? Why not protest against booze and cigarettes, drugs that kill hundreds of thousands yearly? These are the true dangers.

You are right, time will tell about pot. Latest medical studies claim that canibanol, derived from pot, eliminates seizures in children. One poor 5-year-old girl had 300 seizures a day, but after taking this medicine she is down to about five and pot has been used for medicine for thousands of years. Any of this information can be procured in our fine local library. I’d say the case is closed about legalizing pot. Legalize marijuana and get rid of the true killers — alcohol and cigarettes.

Leon Chamberlain


Meria Heller 2 years, 11 months ago

Well said. When people say no it usually means they don't "know" enough


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