20 Go To Valley Wedding

Another Week in the Creek


Christopher Creek was well represented in Old Town Scottsdale last Friday night. Samone and Josh Flores were wed with upwards of 150 well-wishers witnessing the ceremony.

Of the many friends who came to the wedding there were nearly 20 mountain folks. One must admit, the Creek cleans up pretty good when they go out.

The ceremony was performed on the second floor of Clayton on the Lawn overlooking the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Samone was absolutely gorgeous and Josh was looking good in his tux. Cindi looked quite stunning and Gary was heard to say, “One more wedding and I can burn this outfit!”

The wedding dinner was down on the first level and served from three different stations. That must be a new thing, serving different styles of cuisine each from its own station. My preference was the Italian station, but the Southwest food was excellent as well.

After dinner and some toasts, it was back upstairs for the dance. All the trips up and down were designed to work off dinner, but the hosted cocktails made all those trips a challenge. One highlight of the festivities was G-dub dancing by himself with a paper bag on his head. It was a magical evening.

At the conclusion of the proceedings we were off to the club district. Most went to Gilligan’s, but there were a few of us who headed to a western joint. The entertainers billed themselves as a cowboy band. Cowboy band, my back pockets! No cowboy ever used that kind of language in mixed company.

Mother always said if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything, but that outfit made you want to call the chamber of commerce.

Maybe we should have gone with the younger crowd to Gilligan’s where they were welcomed with open arms.

After a number of rounds of cocktails, a lost purse or two and some who swore that they’d never do that again, that bunch got home in the wee, wee hours of the morning.

Whether wisdom prevailed, or not, a few of us finished off the evening at the Sugar Bowl with a banana split or chocolate malt and we were back to our friend Howard’s place shortly after midnight.

Ole Howard Johnson had a full parking lot with cars from California, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, Iowa and Canada. Some were there for spring training games and others were there to get out of the 10-degree temperatures across the Midwest. By 10 a.m. they were sunning themselves around the pool and feeding the pair of mallards who landed on the water.

All in all, the short road trip was enjoyable, but it was sure good to get back to the Creek!

Everybody needs to keep their fingers crossed and maybe we’ll score a bit of moisture out of this system passing through this weekend. Or maybe we could all get together and have a rain dance on Saturday. Another idea might be to coax Margot to come home from her extended winter visit to San Diego. That would surely bring about a couple feet of snow for her homecoming. Then again, maybe just having a NASCAR race in the Valley will ensure a good rain here in the mountains. Anything else you think might work will get our full consideration.

This reminder, once again, is for the Judy Bradley memorial over to the Double D in Tonto Village tomorrow, Saturday, at 2 p.m. They are serving food and ask everybody to bring pictures and memories to share.

Teresa McQuerrey, the Great Punctuator, at the Payson Roundup has done her best to keep me on the straight and narrow for my first 52 chapters of this saga and we thank her for all she’s done. We would also like to thank all those who had some very kind comments through phone calls, on Facebook, or face to face. Having stepped on some toes and blown some names in this first year, we will endeavor to press on and attempt to address the errors of our ways.

Easily the best part of this past year was all the fine people we met. We enjoyed spending time with Lynn and Sue Hess down at Kohl’s Ranch and working with Don Farmer and Marshall Trimble on our Labor Day Memorial. We have also met a good number of new residents here in the Creek. And you can’t beat hanging around the campfire on the patio and talking with the visitors to Rim Country.

All in all, a fella couldn’t have a better gig unless maybe he was Santa Claus ....

And that’s another year in the Creek!


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