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Gil Contreras, kindergarten, won the Sixth Annual Paper Airplane Contest for the furthest flight.


Matthew Knight, fourth grade, won the contest category for the loopiest.

I heard some exciting news on the radio this week — we may get some rain, maybe even snow! The whole Southwest is so dry the moisture is needed very badly. The fortunate thing about this impending storm is that the California farmers will get a bit of relief for their crops. I hope it’s not too late.

Hawk hunting

I don’t know how many of you feed the birds — I have for a few years, especially in the winter when there isn’t much for the birds to eat. I try to look out for the smaller ones.

My husband started finding feathers and the remains of the small birds about a week ago. We didn’t really make too much of it until Monday morning. Bill and our son-in-law were picking up the brush and tree limbs to burn when Jon spotted a small bird in the limbs and a hawk! He started to remove the limb from the pile and the hawk took off! Now it all came together, the hawk had been stalking the little birds as they came into our yard to munch on the birdseed. The birds must have known that the hawk was nearby because they were hiding in the tree limbs and then coming out to feed. Unfortunately, the hawk was waiting for them. I will not be putting any more birdseed out for a long while until I am assured that the hawk has found somewhere else to hunt.


How many of us cut coupons and then find out that they have expired and we throw them away? According to an article in Women’s World magazine, we can send those expired coupons to an organization called “Support Our Troops.” It is a non-profit organization that will send those coupons to military families stationed overseas.

Military families stationed overseas can use them for up to six months after the expiration dates.

For more information on this program, go to: The address to send those coupons is: Support Our Troops, P.O. Box 70, Daytona Beach, FL 32115-0070.

Get well wishes

Larry Corey of Star Valley has been admitted to the St. Joseph’s Hospital with viral meningitis. His recovery will take about two to three weeks. Larry is the former chairman of the Hellsgate Fire Board and he has been very active in the goings on in Star Valley. We all wish you a quick recovery, Larry.

Sad news

I have received word that a longtime resident of Bear Flat has passed away. Arthur “Jr” Barr passed away from pneumonia complications. “Jr” — as he is known by everyone was a longtime Elks member in Kearney, Ariz. Condolences to his family.

Shelby School

On Friday, Feb. 21 the entire student body gathered on the court for The Shelby School’s Sixth Annual Paper Airplane Contest. Fancy flying and good sportsmanship marked this spirited event, with a happy winner in each of six categories!

Double D Doings

Last Sunday afternoon the fifth in the series of six competition pool games was played at the Double D Bar and Café. The winner of this week’s games were Phyllis Ballard and Tammy Randall.

Next Sunday afternoon will be the championship finals for the big winnings. Be sure to watch the finals starting at 2 p.m.


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