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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “shop locally” numerous times, but what exactly does it mean to you? To me it means to shop at locally owned businesses; to spend my money at privately owned enterprises; to patronize neighborhood merchants. What it does not mean to me is to shop at the large conglomerate chain stores unless what I am seeking can only be located there.

I go out of my way to buy locally. Why do I do this? Because I’m one of those privately owned enterprises and I believe in keeping my money in Payson. Once I started exploring, I found wonderful merchandise to meet most of my needs right here in Payson at locally owned businesses.

I can fulfill most of my gift giving and personal needs without stepping foot into any of the chain stores. Besides, they don’t need your money as much as our locally owned businesses do.

There are many talented artisans and gifted shop owners right here in our hometown who will go the extra mile to meet your needs. You don’t have to spend your money on gas to do your shopping in the Valley or even go to the large chain stores here in Payson. It makes me feel really good inside to know I am helping a local merchant to succeed when I patronize their place of business.

We have privately owned restaurants, clothing stores, antique and gift shops, office supplies, jewelry stores, print shops, auto repair shops, law, real estate and insurance firms, as well as arts and craft stores and beauty salons — just to mention a few.

“Take a walk” through our local yellow pages — you’ll be amazed at how many locally owned businesses we have here, right in Payson, and we all need to help each other to survive and succeed, especially during these winter months when the Valley trade dwindles to nothing. So think about it the next time you go shopping, be loyal and help out your friends and neighbors by buying locally. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

Kathy Prentice, Once Upon A Time Antiques & Quality Thrift


Pat Randall 11 months ago

Kathy, You should have addressed your letter to the Town of Payson. Find out where they buy their office machines, vehicles. and all the other things that we as tax payers pay for. They need one person that does all the purchasing and buys all the same kind of copy machines, and every thing else. I remember about 7 or 8 yrs. ago when one department was buying a copy machine. One of the same quality purchased from an office supply place in SEDONA could have been bought here in Payson from a local office supply business that is no longer here. All the machines should be the same and parts and repairs would be cheaper. Paper bought at one place at a discounted price because of the volume bought. Think of the freight and other costs buying out of town. How many vehicles have been bought from the two automobile dealers in the area by the town and what year did they start buying them? Yes, one is in Star Valley but sales tax goes to Gila county same as Payson. Not SEDONA. It is in Yavapai or Coconino county.


John Wiechmann 11 months ago

Very true. Where does our beloved police department get their cars from? Look into it. You'll find it very interesting.


don evans 11 months ago

Yes, there are some good local retail business' in Payson. But, in my opinion most are not. The price gouging of the local captive residents is in full swing at a majority of the so called mom and pop local stores. And their take it or leave it attitude prevails. I will shop locally where I have previously experienced fair market value and service as compared to other areas. Unfortunately, that is not the norm for a majority of the local small stores in my opinion.


Meria Heller 11 months ago

Walmart killed local businesses. Until people realize that, nothing changes.


John Wiechmann 11 months ago

Yes, they did....and we get to subsidize Walmarts profit by paying to feed a fair amount of it's employees.


Pat Randall 11 months ago

John I didn't understand your statement about feeding Walmart employees. Can you explain it? Walmart did not kill local business. Local business killed themselves with higher prices because they could before Walmart. I will shop at Walmart for the simple reason they have a larger selection of goods and you can get your shopping done in one place. Where is there a locally owned grocery store, shoe store, and many of the other things that can be bought at Walmart? Also I can buy my coffee $2.00 a can cheaper at Walmart than at Bashas and Safeway. Did you know Walmart in Payson sells cheaper than the Walmart grocery stores in Mesa? I questioned the price of something at Walmarts in Mesa that is near my house down there and was told Big Box Walmart stores always have a lower price.


Pat Randall 11 months ago

If the employees are treated so bad they know where the exit door is. I don't think anyone holds a gun to the employees heads to keep them there. If they worked better they may be treated better and paid more. If I was manager most of them would be gone. There are plenty of people to take their place. There are a few very good ones but the rest stand around and whine.
Some times I sit in the car while my friend shops and watch the employees stand around outside and whine while they are supposed to be gathering baskets. Inside they block the aisles while they are supposed to be stocking the shelves. If someone doesn't like Walmart, don't go there. I like to save a few dollars when I shop.


H. Wm. Rhea III 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Pat, while agree with you that employees can leave if they want, I will tell you that one of my sons is employed there, "gathering baskets" and he, along with the other guys, work there asses off getting those carts inside for customers and they do it in all weather! There are also some really friendly people working there.

Whether people can afford to leave is a different story. What really tugs at my heart strings is that fact that when I've gone to pick my son up after he gets off at 10 or 11 pm, is all of the very elderly ladies who are working there. I'm glad Walmart helps them with jobs, but there are so many that obviously have no other way to support themselves than to work so late at night.

And two things that really upsets me at Walmart are:

  1. Teenagers and adults who seem to be partying in the parking lot, especially in the early evening, and
  2. People bringing their pet dog into the store under the guise of it being a "Service Dog".


Ronald Hamric 10 months, 4 weeks ago

No doubt WalMart is not your average "Big Box" type of store. The corporation today, like Disneyland, is a far cry from what the original founder wanted it to be. Mr. Rhea hit on a good point. Many who are in Walmart's employ have few other options, and I believe that is reflected in how "corporate" treats them. It is difficult to see so many elderly, who probably have either outlived their retirement or have had what they did set aside, be eaten up by inflation, have to come back into the workforce at such a late point in their lives. Heck, I may be applying there some day. And due to where I chose to retire geographically, there would be few other options available. I would be the first to say it's not the greatest job in the world, but it does provide an opportunity to those willing and able, to make ends meet. Fast food joints and stores like Walmart are not nor were they ever intended to be career" types of jobs. That people think they should be able to support a family in today's economy by working in those places are finding out through experience that it is simply not the case. Their whole business plan was not designed around long term. highly skilled, employees who cost high wages and benefits. Understanding that and being aware should be the first priority of anyone thinking about working in such an establishment.


Kim Chittick 10 months, 4 weeks ago

I am going to revert back to the original subject of this thread; although, I will agree with the comments about WalMart and that I am appalled by how corporate treats it's employees. Of course they can leave, they are not hostages. However, those who have a mortgage and bills to pay need every single red cent and people in dire straits are often willing to suck up a lot of crap to keep the checks coming in. That being said, I am going to iterate a short story: I was tasked by a group to which I belong with finding a vendor and ordering name badges. I opted to take the easy way out and referred to a name badge which I already had for another group and discovered the name of the vendor on the back. This vendor happened to be in the Valley. They gave me a price which was quite fair and I began the task of gathering orders and attempting to come up with a logo for the badges. I knew of a local vendor who had the logo that I needed, although that vendor put it on shirts and hats. I contacted this vendor to ask her to send me the logo so I could use it for the vendor in the Valley, and in the subsequent conversation, I learned that this local vendor could and would make our name badges. She even was willing to make them at a much lesser price than the Valley vendor, in an effort to get our business. I was beyond thrilled to find someone local who could make our badges and I told her that on no uncertain terms was I willing to pay her less, simply because she was here. We are paying her the same amount that we would have paid the Valley vendor, however, we are getting much better service and terms. She is not requiring a minimum order, and will make additional badges as we need them.

Second, I love my coffee!! I used to frequent Starbucks quite regularly. One day I met a friend at Dimi Espresso for coffee and was delighted by the great atmosphere and ambience; and yet, I found myself thinking that the prices were a bit steep. However, upon reflection, I realized that I never thought once about the prices at Starbucks, which were comparable. Dimi Espresso gives back to the community and is making a difference in PAYSON. I no longer frequent Payson Starbucks.

We need to stop expecting businesses in Payson to be cheaper than those in the Valley. If you are willing to spend it in the Valley, you should be willing to spend it in Payson.


Pat Randall 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Travis, It is not teenagers I see in groups complaining outside of Walmart In fact I don't think I have seen a teenager working anywhere in Walmart. Don't try to judge me as you don't know me. I am not ignorant of the plight of others. My grandsons live in Tonto Basin and they worked in New Mexico for months leaving their families in Tonto Basin. There was no work here so they went somewhere else to work. They didn't sit on their rear and whine and they weren't wearing $125.00 shoes standing in line at DES.

Mr. Rhea, I agree about the dogs. If they are truly service dogs they would have on some kind of ID saying they are a service dog. I have a dog that was never trained but lets me know when my blood pressure is up. I had her three days the first time she did it. I would never think of taking her into a store of any kind. She is never more than 3 feet from me unless she needs to go outside or I am at the store and she stays in the car. You all shop where you want, I am going to shop where I can get the most for my money.


Pat Randall 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Travis, We all have to earn respect, it is not a given.


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