About Those Traffic Circles



I’m sorry Eva James that you have had bad experiences with roundabouts and I would agree the one at Home Depot is not a very good example of what roundabouts should provide.

When traffic engineers look at the best solution for a controlled intersection, safety comes right to the top. To date roundabouts are the safest choice of any. Yes, there are crashes in roundabouts, but they are less severe than a signalized intersection — because the speed is less. A roundabout is designed for speeds of 15 to 20 mph.

In the six years I worked on intersection crashes there was not one fatal roundabout crash in the entire country. The top crash sites in Payson are at controlled (red light) intersections.

Another advantage of roundabouts is they move more traffic in less time and cause less air pollution. And they cost less to maintain.

If we all take a little more time to obey all traffic signs in town we will all be safer and have a more enjoyable ride.

Tom Loeffler, traffic safety specialist, retired


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

It's not that all roundabouts are bad. It's that all those idiots from the Valley who don't know how to navigate them is the problem. Putting one at the Beeline and 260 junction would just be an invitation to those Valley drivers for a perpetual accident scene.


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