Open Letter To Dennis Rodman


Mister Rodman, the next time you go to North Korea to visit with your good friend Kim Jung Un don’t forget to ask him about the thousands of his people that he is holding captive in prison camps where they are starved, tortured and executed because they are considered political prisoners who have been reported by their neighbors for watching forbidden TV stations or other infractions that are considered a threat to the Communist regime.

They also arrest and imprison relatives of the accused going back two generations. The relatives of escaped North Koreans are also arrested and imprisoned.

And don’t forget to ask him about the thousands of South Korean people who were executed during the Korean War when the North invaded the South killing 12 percent of the population.

And don’t forget to ask him what happened to the 8,000 American MIAs. Were they executed too?

When you go back to honor Kim Jung Un on his birthday, ask him if you can visit one of his prison camps. And while you are there, find a place to live, don’t come back here.

This information is available in various books written by escapees of the regime who were able to cross the Yalu River into Manchuria.

Wayne Donnay


Rex Hinshaw 3 years ago

I think Mr. Rodman's passport should be revoked while he is in N. Korea , forcing him to stay there. That would be a win win situation. Kim Jun Un and Dennis can be together and we will be rid of him.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

I wish we could do that with most of the Hollywood and sports stars that go overseas. Revoke their passport and let them live there. We'll all be better off.


don evans 3 years ago

By the way, when little Kim had his Uncle executed, it wasn't by firing squad, hanging, or any other typical method. He was fed to a large group of intentionally starved Dogs. Rodman, you can always find work as an official Soup Cooler for little Kim.


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