Vortex Storm


2013/2014 (A sonnet)

It was a “Vortex Storm” that came—

An Arctic storm by any normal name.

The “Polar Vortex” gave the newsmen glee,

While people in its path were told to flee;

Go to their homes and stay inside and warm,

While outside snow and ice became the norm.

Harsh winds joined in to make for record lows,

And anything outside that could freeze, froze.

In Arizona mountains ’neath the Rim

An old gray man stayed warm, his name was Jim.

He watched TV and lo and now behold

Two ships were locked in frozen Arctic cold.

Al Gore ne’er told the seas they’re s’posed to warm,

Instead they’re causing excess ice to form.

James M.Hagen © Jan. 6, 2014


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