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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Chief Engler for his attempts to work with the citizens on McLane regarding speeding issues, particularly in the curvy 15-25 mph stretch of road between Payson Parkway and Overland, where people on the street have fought back with “slow down” signs.

The new officers now on duty since around the first of December have provided some enforcement, with the assistance of a speed monitor during the holidays. Thank you for doing this.

Then Chief, please use them while school is in session, it would make the problem even more obvious.

The majority of the time the monitors were in the “red” with people exceeding the mandated speed. We on the street realize that enforcement is only a partial remedy to this ongoing problem.

Those of us in this stretch of road where homes are very close to the road have tried to be involved in this dangerous issue for at least the last two years. With the exception of the chief and his attempts to control speeds and restore civility, the other city officials have basically been non-responsive and inattentive to our concerns.

Neighbors in wheelchairs still go up the street to check their mail. Walkers, bicyclers and joggers are all at high risk doing their daily routines.

Comments are made by those who don’t live here that maybe you need to back into your driveway and that will help or you could move or some other ridiculous suggestions.

A city official made a comment to the editor after a council meeting a number of months ago when we tried to address our concerns. He stated, “if almost all of the drivers exceed the posted speed limit that could suggest that the speed limit is set too low.” This is a comment made by a “city official” where he appears to be encouraging raising the speed limit and announcing it to the public, rather than encouraging enforcement of the current law. Making statements such as this is not acceptable. What good is a law if it’s not enforced?

We’ve attempted to address this with petitions, attending and presenting at city council meetings, involvement in the 10-year planning sessions, etc., all basically with zero effective results.

There are solutions that can be implemented that would be real assets to Payson, simple in nature that would slow things down, make citizens safer, be attractive additions, and other cities would look to Payson as a real leader in community thinking.

The people on our street, Payson citizens, are not being represented and that has become glaringly obvious.

Larry Kibiloski


don evans 3 years ago

Sounds like a couple of traffic circles might slow things down.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years ago

I thought the city should raise the limit to 35 mph on all of McLane. EVERYONE drives at that speed anyway and it's not unsafe.


Ted Paulk 3 years ago

Slowest speed limits in state. 35 and 40 in Mesa. Mostly a money maker with two new cops whose sole duty is to write traffic tickets. I know one person who was written up for going ONE mile over the speed limit. I've followed a lot of cops in this town going more than that over the limit and they were not responding to calls. We've let the chief unleash a menace that we cannot control.


Nancy Volz 3 years ago

Sympathize with you, Mr. Kibiloski. You shouldn't have to worry about people exceeding the speed limit on a curvy road when you're trying to get out of your driveway...but that's the way it is in my area also. And when drivers don't stay on their side of the road (I guess if there is no centerline, they think it is a one-way road!) it makes travel on these types of roads worse. I wrote a letter to the Roundup a couple months ago on behalf of my HOA praising the PPD's block watch program, but it was never published. Have you and your neighbors thought about joining that program? It is another tool in fighting the stupidity and carelessness of others.


John Wiechmann 3 years ago

Most people don't stop for stop signs either, lets get rid of them.


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