Article A Special Gift



There is no way to put into words the gratitude I hold in my heart concerning the newspaper article “They Call Her Miss Shari.”

I have enjoyed a wonderful time committing to this little job I never dreamed would turn into a task in which I had the privilege to learn so much, along with keeping me challenged, moving and “thinking young” (as you said).

(Reporter Michele Nelson) succeeded in expressing my thoughts in a beautiful, fun, accurate and entertaining way that had our friends and family in Arizona and across the country saying, “What an awesome article this is!”

I have been proud to share it with everyone I know!

The time we had together, as you asked me questions and took pictures, turned out to be an experience to be enjoyed and remembered. I watched as you took notes and was amazed at the skill in which you wrote my thoughts.

The icing on the cake was the lovely picture you took of me at the front of the “Turtle” bus! It was like I was leaning against a good friend!

I have spoken with my husband Bill and Mark Henning, PUSD transportation supervisor, and we agree that this article just may prompt more thought on the part of the general public as to some of the challenges and effort it takes to drive a school bus while keeping the children safe.

Lastly, I want you to know that this special gift you have given to me, wraps up the last 15 years with a big “yellow” bow in top. I, now, will finish my last year with a grateful heart and a bounce in my step.

With thanks and sincerity I am,

Shari aka ... “Miss Shari,” PUSD Route 9


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