Pontoon Boat Snafu: The One That Got Away

Photo by Teresa McQuerrey. |


He should have used 2,000-pound test line — because a 72-year-old man Tuesday let the big one get away and he didn’t even know it.

The man was heading south out of Payson about 12:30 p.m. when he inadvertently launched his pontoon boat into the roadway at the intersection of Highways 87 and 260.

The boat slid off its trailer as the man rounded the corner, landing on its side and spilling its guts into the highway.

Remarkably, the man reportedly didn’t realize he’d lost his load for some time, according to Police Chief Don Engler.

Officers caught up with him 15 minutes later down the road, still pulling an empty 1987 trailer.

The boat was righted and La Forge Towing plopped it onto a flatbed. It was eventually transferred back to its trailer.

Police cited the man for having an unsecured load.

Inside Walgreens, staff and customers speculated about what had happened, some suggesting his straps had broken. Another man suggested the driver was just trolling on the Beeline.

We asked Facebook fans to write a headline for this story:

Caught in a no fishing zone (Mike)

Sure has been a dry winter (Meredith)

Pontoon boat flips out over warming trend (Kimberly)

Row, row, row your boat gently down the Beeline (Karl)

McDonald’s adds drive-thru for boaters (Todd)

Whatever floats your boat (Wende)

Like a ship on dry land -- Heck we are on dry land (Allan)

They were trying to catch a Filet-O-Fish (Debra)

Afternoon pontoon goes boom-boom (Pat)

Party Time on the party boat (Ann)

Oh crappie this looks like a spot to catch ’em (Andy)

Just waiting for the tide to come in (Shirley)


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