Offer Of Help To Schools Unanswered



William Clayton stated in a recent issue, “Very few Payson students that enter a four-year college ever graduate.” Rather than question the veracity of that statement we should be taking action to assure that it is not true.

Having taught calculus for 24 of my 28 years in the Scottsdale School District much satisfaction has been achieved by having many former students become engineers, architects, scientists, doctors, lawyers, etc. Without calculus many of those successes would not have been achieved.

As educators it is our duty to aid and encourage as many students as possible to accomplish as much as possible. They need to be directed to study areas they enjoy and have the capability to excel. To deny them these opportunities is unconscionable.

The Payson School District required all volunteers to fill out forms and become fingerprinted in order to have contact with students. Satisfying this legality is an excellent idea and I did so three months ago. Since then I have offered to teach calculus, help high school students with math, help middle school students with math, and help in the interim superintendent’s office (over half of my 72 post M.S. degree credits are in educational administration).

These offers of free expertise should at least be considered, but to this date there has not been a yes, no, or maybe response to any of these offers. Perhaps it is not the students who lack the capabilities.

If you have input to this discussion please feel free to contact me at (602) 999-5370. The crusade has begun.

Gerald R. Rutz


Rex Hinshaw 2 years, 11 months ago

Mr. Rutz, Thank you for offering your expertise. If you recieve no response in the near furure...I would suggest you go to the Highschool and talk to the principal directly.


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