Lack Of Moisture A Growing Concern

The Village


What? The last day of January? Are we sure we didn’t warp into spring and left winter behind?

The drought situation is not funny, if we don’t get some kind of precipitation; we are in for a very scary spring and summer.

The forest is dry and the watersheds are low, and most likely, if the water situation does not change, we will probably have high water demand and higher water bills.

The weather patterns have been very unusual this year, the jet stream is not moving as it would normally in the winter. I feel so bad for the middle of the country with all the sub-zero temperatures they are experiencing. Arizona is the place to be.

Brush pit closing for good?

Our local radio station, KMOG, announced that the brush pits in our area might not open because of the lack of funding. They were supposed to open on Feb. 1. That bit of news is alarming because of the dry conditions. What are homeowners supposed to do with the brush that they clear from their residences? Isn’t that what we are told to do so that we can cut down on fires? People need to contact their county supervisors to find out what can be done to reopen the brush pits.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The February fire board meeting will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 12 at the Star Valley Fire Station at 80 Walters Lane. The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. The fire board meetings are always open to the public and input is encouraged.

It seems that I used a wrong word — “sibling” in the announcement of Mrs. Furubotten’s son passing. The meaning was taken by my readers as meaning “brother.” I must apologize to Mrs. Furubotten and to my readers if the wording was confusing. Mrs. Furubotten’s son has had a memorial service for her son Norman in the Valley. Again, my sympathies to Mrs. Furubotten and to the rest of the family for their loss.


This month has been a time for mistakes, here is another one ... Phyllis Mullen Ballard’s birthday is not Feb. 1, it is Feb. 2. Sorry, Phyllis. Have a wonderful birthday.

Lorraine “Bo” Mathews, a former resident of Tonto Village, will celebrate her birthday on Feb. 5. Bo is a frequent visitor and many times stays to play pool with some of her former pool players.

Feb. 11 is a triple play for birthdays. Kara Shaw of Tonto Village III, Tim Ehrhardt of Mead Ranch and Thorrey Smith, a Hellsgate firefighter, will all have a birthday celebration on the same day. I hope that your day is just the first of many good things to come. Happy birthday to all.

Double D Doings

The next pool game in the series of six games was played last Sunday afternoon. Judy Tolle of Christopher Creek was the first place winner. Warren Parton shot for second place.

A side note ... Phyllis Mullen Ballard and Pat Bates, both former Tonto Village residents, were also in the pool tournament on Sunday. They now live in Payson and I guess the Village is still in their blood — they have to come back sometimes. We are glad that they do.

Some trivia

These are a few human body facts:

• The acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.

• Your thumb is the same length as your nose. Have you tried measuring it yet?

• It takes the food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.

That’s all for this week folks, see you next week.


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