Man Cleared By Jury


One case, two outcomes.

A Gila County jury recently found a man not guilty of pawning stolen jewelry that a woman in October admitted to taking from a Payson Police Department em­ployee.

A jury on Jan. 22 acquitted Joshua Shane Blalock, 26, for trafficking stolen property, finding he did nothing wrong when he sold jewelry for a friend at Payson Jewelers.

His friend, Amanda Wright, 24, meanwhile avoided a trial by pleading guilty to facilitation to commit trafficking of stolen property in the second degree.

Police reports gave the following account.

On Aug. 8, 2012, Kim Becker, the PPD’s executive assistant, reported that several pieces of jewelry were missing from her home. The items included a gold chain and cross, a ring from her mother with four stones, a silver ring and some earrings.

Becker told officer Josh Cadwell her son’s girlfriend, Amanda Wright, took the items.

She said Wright and her boyfriend were visiting her home and were the only people with access to the items, besides Becker’s elderly parents.

Becker speculated the items would likely be pawned. Officers learned Payson Jewelers had designed one of the missing rings. So officer Cadwell went the jewelry store and described the missing items.

Staff there reported Josh Blalock had come in earlier with a woman and sold four of the items to the store for $131.

Officers went to Becker’s home and questioned Wright. Det. Mike McAnerny showed her a receipt of the jewelry sale.

“When Amanda saw it she dropped her eyes and looked to the ground and asked me what would happen next,” McAnerny said.

Wright admitted she had taken the items from Becker’s bathroom. She asked Blalock if he would sell them for her because she did not have ID.

She said she never told Blalock the items were stolen.

She agreed to give Blalock $11 for selling the items for her.

“I informed Amanda that I understood what she stated, however, Joshua Blalock would have to have some knowledge because she went to him, needed help pawning items, he responded to Payson Jewelers, sold the items, and then took $11 of the proceeds which means he was a part of the crime,” McAnerny said.

On Nov. 25, a judge sentenced Wright to 36 months of probation. Meanwhile, Blalock went to trial, maintaining his innocence.


Pat Randall 2 years, 11 months ago

If the courts in Gila county weren't so bad anyone reading about the out come of cases would think they would make a good comedy. Most are a joke with a judge or jury. Not funny jokes, but very sick ones. The innocent are told to plead out to an entirely different crime than what they were arrested for, pay a fine and/or go to jail or both and the guilty admit what they did and get a slap on the hand. What is the difference in first and second degree theft. You know the person you are stealing from?


Meria Heller 2 years, 11 months ago

meanwhile $131 cost the taxpayers a trial and now probation...


Kim Chittick 2 years, 11 months ago

So...did the son not recognize any of the jewelry as his mother's?? And he didn't question how or where his girlfriend obtained this jewelry? If this were my son, he, nor any of his friends would be welcome in my home ever again. Violating the sanctity and hospitality of my home is a grievous offense.


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