Obama Is An Enemy Of The U.S.



Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “Nothing ever happens in politics that isn’t planned. If it happens, it was planned.”

I’ve been closely studying government manipulations of the people and events for 36 years now, and I have never, ever, seen the above statement fail to be true.

President Obama said he intended to fundamentally transform America, the only nation in the world founded upon principles of individual liberty ... into what? Just another hive of worker bees for the worldwide socialist cabal to rule with an iron fist?

The Department of Homeland Security has been stockpiling weapons, ammunition, food, and other material, apparently in preparation for general unrest. Contracts for “containment facilities” and personnel to man them have been put out for bid on government websites.

President Obama has been firing military commanders as fast as he can, clearly in an effort to leave our military leaderless in the coming unrest.

Now we learn contracts for facilities and personnel to care for “non-delinquent illegal migrant children” were being discussed as far back as 2004 and were put out for bid last January.

Someone is paying coyote smugglers thousands of dollars for unaccompanied minor children they can kidnap or buy or lure away from their families in Central America to put on the “Death Train” snaking its way to America’s border. The poverty-stricken parents of these children sure don’t have that kind of money.

Our government is busing illegal alien children, including drug cartel gang members, murderers, thieves, and rapists up to age 22 all over our country and releasing them to prey upon our society.

And now the U.N. is making noises about invading our sovereign nation to make sure we are treating these carefully-manufactured “refugees” right.

U.N. troops on American soil? Our own military all but leaderless? Is there any doubt this president and his international backers and handlers are enemy agents on a mission to destroy the first, only, and possibly the last free nation on Earth?

Donald L. Cline


Mel Mevis 2 years, 6 months ago

Really ......

It is hard to argue with made up conspiracy bull .........

Here are a few examples of past and present conspiracies. And there are still people who believe these conspiracies.

Rastafarians maintain that a white racist patriarchy ("Babylon") controls the world in order to oppress the African race.

In the second half of the 19th century conspiracists claimed that Jews and/or Freemasons were plotting to establish control over the world.

Most Holocaust denial claims imply, or openly state, that the Holocaust is a hoax arising out of a deliberate Jewish conspiracy to advance the interest of Jews.

The Apollo moon landings were "staged" in a Hollywood movie or other studio either because they never happened or to conceal some aspect of the truth of the circumstances of the actual landing.

I will not try and debunk this rambling letter. That said two things just jumped out as outright stretching of facts and truths.

What happens when we move away from a war time footing ....... We reduce the size of our military ....... But NO this person thinks it's an attempt at something nefarious ..... You really expect someone to believe that.

We are going to be invaded by the UN? LOL .... First there is NO standing UN army. There are approximately 97,000 peace keepers currently deployed. This force is spread all over the world. Even at a reduced size our military is currently six times larger than the nearest army .....The UN doesn't even register ....... You really expect someone to believe that they will invade.

Conspiracies and the believers in them are the real danger. Ever hear of a man named Timothy McVeigh? His was an act of a person who believed in a goverment conspiracy.

This type of letter does not good except to inflame another monster like Timothy McVeigh.


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

Typical nonsense, Mel. You can't refute my statement so you bring up a whole raft of gobble-dy-gook that has nothing to do with anything and pretends that it means something. That's called *non sequitur," which means your conclusion is unrelated to your argument (in this case, such as it is). No, Mel, the enemy agent infesting our White House is not firing military commanders because he is downsizing the military; he has fired 197 in the last five years, and nine generals in 2013 alone, before the downsizing started. And except for the few Captains in Iraq who just got pink slips before they even got home, "downsizing" was not cited as the reason for any of them. In fact, Mel, most of them got fired right after answering a bogus survey from upper command asking if they would obey orders to fire on U.,S. citizens, and they quite rightly said "Not just no, but HELL no!" And the reason given for the firings were bogus in the extreme. You KNOW that, Mel, which means you are a liar, and I know it and I KNOW YOU KNOW IT. As for the UN troops, YOU are the one who brought up "standing army." I never said a word about a UN "standing army." But just to clear up your ignorance about reality and rules of engagement, ONE foreign soldier on U.S. soil with a weapon in his hands and not under the direct chain of command supervision by an American commander is an INVASION FORCE OR A SPY, and he may be taken into custody as a Prisoner of War and if he refuses custody he may be shot down where he stands. I know you are prepared to give away U.S. sovereignty to just anyone but a Constitutionally-constrained U.S. government, but if you ever act on those impulses beyond shooting your mouth off, you are going to find out what the inside of Leavenworth -- or possibly Gitmo -- looks like.


Mel Mevis 2 years, 6 months ago

Mr Cline

Your are a typical "conspiracy believer". The "gobble-dy-gook" was intended to show how absurd other conspiracy theories are. You choose to cherry pick your facts to fit your personal dislikes or beliefs instead of making a decision after looking at it subjectively.

For example your statement about a test being given to US Solders dates to 1994. Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest Guy Cunningham who was earning his Masters Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California conducted a survey as part of his thesis using Marines at 29 Palms. His premise was to show how little Marines knew about the Constitution. Current news articles do not quote a source for the "litmus test" the few that do reference this single instance, or use hear say without any reference..

Is there a contingency plan on how the military will deal with internal terrorist actions by the military. Yes there is and I would be shocked if there was not. They need to plan for everything. If you look you can find online the training manual on this subject. Guess you don't recall the oath each person enlisting in an armed force takes "I, __, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Yes there has been an increase of "for cause" firings. Unfortunately it's almost all associated with conduct. A large percentage of officers fired were found to have not enforced sexual conduct regulations or actually fraternized with subordinates. This has been in the news for several years. When down sizing what was once acceptable becomes a reason for separation .... It shouldn't be that way but it what happens.

Your response touched everything except my biggest concern. Letters like yours can lead to people like Timothy McVeigh or the more recent couple in Las Vegas (Jerad & Amanda Miller) to commit monstrous acts against innocent people.

By your silence do you support insurrection and sedition? If so you will probably see the inside of Leavenworth much sooner than I..........


H. Wm. Rhea III 2 years, 6 months ago

Hey Mel, would you have supported Hitler if you had lived in Germany when he was in charge, to avoid being an insurrectionist? Maybe you would've been afraid that some Germans might start a resistance movement.


Mel Mevis 2 years, 6 months ago


I find it interesting you mention Germany....... I once had a large group of relatives in Germany ....... That side of my family does not exist anymore. Our countries response to Hitler was shameful ....... Our goverment and media had the facts, unlike the lies and half truths you espouse.

I have a problem with people whose wrap themselves in the American flag and claim to be patriots, but are apparently willing to lie, makeup facts about a President who is not like them.

In my opinion your answer to people different than you would be similar to Hitlers. But then that would make me no better than you.

Sorry there is no conspiracy ..... just your hatred.

Our real problem is South and Central America. I favor using all available means to fight this war. We need a two prong attack. Take away the profit of drugs, the War on Drugs has been a failure. Second we need to treat cartels for what they are terrorist groups, release our special forces on their operations. That is the clear and present danger not your stupid conspiracy theories.


H. Wm. Rhea III 2 years, 6 months ago

Sorry Mel, but you simply don't understand. You see I grew up going to church every Sunday, I still do. But when I was boy, we had an older lady in our congregation who was German. She had also been a resistance fighter. If she had been caught, like many others had, there would have been no trials, just a bullet in the head from the gestapo. She fought the tyranny that Hitler and his cronies had made Germany into.

Obama and his cronies are like Hitler and getting worse everyday! And your support of that traitor and his policies that are ruining the USA make me sick. You sir, are a collaborator! And just so that you know, like many good people here in Payson, I bleed red, white and blue!


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

Hey, this is good. Thanks for coming back, Mel, and listing all those things you now believe in, that your fellow ideologues labeled as "Conspiracy Theories" when we first learned of them and announced them. The length of time between what you call 'the tin foil hat brigade" announcing a "conspiracy" by government or government's international handlers, and the mainstream media (and your political faction) suddenly embracing the "conspiracy" and reporting it as fact, as though they had just discovered it, used to be around ten years when The Spotlight newspaper was being published. Now the freaking Marxist Mafia and its figurehead chieftain infesting our White House is getting so bold, it is taking five years or less -- sometimes less than a year. I'm afraid YOU are the one looking at it -- or at least portraying it -- "subjectively," Mel. You are filtering everything through your ideological fog of necessary deception: Marxism, and the long socialist road it takes to get there, requires deception to advance the agenda. If the low-information citizens knew and understood what awaited them at the end of that road, they would run everyone of you out of town on a rail, trailing tar and feathers. I believe what I believe because I am a realist, Mel, and to the extent humanly possible I try to look at things "objectively" -- although the light of very long experience requires me to view events with at least a consideration of the question "what the heck are those government thugs up to now?" (It used to be "Marxist thugs," but now it is one and the same.) To prove my objectivity, Mel, I will deal with your "absurd conspiracy theories": I wouldn't have a clue what Rastafarians believe; I've never gotten close enough to one to find out: They stink. But if what you say is what they believe (and I'm not at all sure I can trust you, either) then clearly, they are loons. For your information, there are STILL jerks out there who think Jews and Freemasons are out to take over the world, but they rarely have enough intelligence or education to make a cogent political argument. (BTW, most of our Founding Fathers were Freemasons, and the so-called "Jews" out to take over the world are not real Jews; most are descendants of Kazars whose king ordered his entire country to convert to Judaism in 640 AD. They are called "Askenazi Jews" but their DNA shows no trace of Jewish lineage. Therefore, regardless of their lineage, there is very definitely a long lineage of Adam Henries out there who consider themselves the rightful masters of humanity, and will do everything in their power to sucker people into their totalitarian clutches. They don't care about political ideology; they'll sell you any ideology as long as you let them run it. Right now the suckers are buying Marxism without even knowing that's what it is, and that makes them "useful idiots," which is what Vladimir Lenin called his followers. Break to Part 2.


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

Yeah, the Apollo moon landings WERE staged in Hollywood -- FOR A FREAKING MOVIE! And it was well after Apollo went to the moon and came back. And there are dumbbells out there who think anything they see on the big screen, or TV for that matter, is the gospel truth. However, these are the same people who couldn't put together a cogent political argument if their life depended on lit. Don't try to lay those people on me, Mel, because you know better and you know you do that only for the purpose of deception and propaganda, don't you? Now let's get to your latest nonsense. You have correctly cited the 29 Palms survey of 1994, which caused quite a stink ... and, I might add, that was about the time that a pot-smoking cocaine-addicted fool named Barack was first heard of. I don't know if he heard of the survey, or just coincidentally asks the same questions, but the word from those commanders he has fired, and the people who know them, is that this was the "litmus test" they were given and they said "Not no, but 'Hell no!'" The "litmus test" is a current issue, not dating back 14 years before his Adam Henry buddy George Soros bought and paid for Obama's election. I'm aware of the military officer's oath, Mel, and I consider it highly likely their refusal to violate it is what got them fired, whether shooting civilians had anything to do with it or not. Obama is not the kind of narcissist who can allow his "subordinates" to swear fealty to anyone but him. (That kind of narcissist doesn't exist.) Yeah, the reasons for firing all pertained to conduct, and not one of them was legitimate. That's one of the real downsides of being a command-grade military officer; you don't call the president a liar even when murders your career. It just isn't done; the stability of the nation is more important than one man's career. Too bad that rule isn't applied to that dork pretending to be president. Break to Part 3 and your "biggest concern."


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

"Your response touched everything except my biggest concern. Letters like yours can lead to people like Timothy McVeigh or the more recent couple in Las Vegas (Jerad & Amanda Miller) to commit monstrous acts against innocent people.

"By your silence do you support insurrection and sedition? If so you will probably see the inside of Leavenworth much sooner than I.........."

Ha! What silence? You've never known me to be silent in the face of political crap and deception. You see, Mel, there is the difference between you and a patriot: You regard insurrection and sedition to be against GOVERNMENT. That makes you a freaking fascist! (And yeah, a Marxist is nothing but a fascist in red feathers, luring his victims into his web instead of driving them in with a stick.) You know you are a fascist, Mel; you just quoted to me the officer's oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States" -- NOT the government! You and the enemy agents you are supporting in the White House and Congress are conducting an insurrection against the Constitution of the United States.

I think you should stop, right now, and figure out which side you are on, because it appears the lines in the sand are going to be drawn just before, during, or after the November elections.

As for leading people like Timothy McVeigh and murderers Jared and Amanda Miller, bulldust. That is a favorite ploy of irresponsible fools, Mel: You get led around by the nose by anyone who can feed you a line of bull that everyone else is responsible for what you do but you, so you immediately jump on what someone says with a claim they are "leading" some murderer to commit a murderer. It doesn't fly, Mel. You are responsible for what you do whether you like it or not. You can't claim "the devil made me do it," or Don Cline supports the U.S. Constitution so he's going to make someone commit murder. That is irresponsible crap and you know it. And you know you know it; that's why you are a Marxist pretending to be a Democrat.


Meria Heller 2 years, 6 months ago

Obama like all Presidents just take orders from their puppeteers. There are conspiracy theories and then there are conspiracy facts.


Mel Mevis 2 years, 6 months ago


You don't even know the difference between Marxism and Fascism. So how can one expect to have an intelligent conversation. I find it interesting you are able to label someone whose only comment are about how out of touch you are with reality. Labels are a great way to depersonalize people ....... that makes it easy to see them as something other than a person.

Thanks for showing all your true color with your responses. I hope rational people take the time to read your response. Rational people will see how out of touch your brand of reality is ......

Be honest you do not like President Obama because of a simple fact ..... he is not like you. The majority of the so called treasonous acts occurred during the G W Bush administration. If you were a true patriot you would admit GWB took more of our freedoms and trashed them than any other President. But then he is just a good old boy ........ Right.

Enough time wasted on your ramblings ........ Have a good day. Hope you see the error of your ideas.


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

Newsflash to the ill-informed, Mel: There is no difference between Fascism and Marxism at the street level, where people live. Both are totalitarian, both presume to superiority over the right of the people to govern themselves, both are terribly hostile to anyone standing up and saying "I will live free!" Both murder people with impunity for any reason or no reason, usually for the "reason" that the thug-in-charge enjoys it: He's a narcissist, like our First Enemy Agent, and when normal people take pleasure and happiness from making people happy, he is depressed by it because they are happier than he is: He HAS to make them unhappy, to make himself feel like he is not as bad off as he actually is.

That's how narcissism is, Mel. There isn't a Fascist or Marxist dictator alive or dead that isn't one.

Yes, I see people who support socialism, which ALWAYS leads to totalitarianism, as unremittingly evil, because that's what they are. When they start working to protect the rights of the people to make their own choices, and to be responsible for those choices instead of making everyone else pay to bail them out of their natural consequences, then they become decent persons worthy of respect.

I have never tried to hide my "true colors" as freaking Marxists do, hiding behind the label of "Democrat" and pretending to compassion for your fellow man. Your compassion rings hollow; it is the same "compassion" as that of the slave-owning plantation owner, who thinks only he knows how people should live, and gets very angry when his slaves pick up pitchforks and present him with the middle finger and say "Up yours! We will live free and you can go pound sand." People like you have never been able to tolerate that attitude in others, have you?

You are right: Criminal President Obama is not like me; he is a psychotic narcissist and he is committing Treason most foul and High Crimes and Misdemeanors daily. And no, neither one of the Bush's were "good old boys;" both were RINOs who had rebranded themselves as NeoCons to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people and introduce laws and procedures -- like the Patriot Act, for example -- to facilitate the destruction that has followed with both flaming Marxist enemy agents, Clinton and now Obama. the only difference between them and Clinton and Obama is that they "made a show" of respecting our military and our Constitution and won the hearts and minds of as many fools as your First Enemy Agent did -- yet they trashed the Constitution almost as badly; they just weren't obvious about it. They were covert and probably "useful idiots;" Obama is overt, doesn't care about the Constitution, and doesn't care who knows it. Break for part 2.


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

You are going to find out just what a monster your favorite First Enemy Agent is very soon, Mel. He's right at the tipping point. He is not going to be able to contain his raging narcissist amygdala much longer; he has been thwarted too many times and he cannot allow that to stand. Have a look at this:

Gov Jan Brewer: Obama Administration’s Call With Governors reveals disturbing information regarding handling of unaccompanied alien children -- “I, along with my fellow governors, today participated in a conference call with the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and the Director of the White House Office Intergovernmental Affairs. During the call, it was confirmed what I have long suspected – the Obama administration has specifically chosen to avoid its due diligence and is releasing Unaccompanied Alien Children into the care and custody of so-called ‘sponsors’ -- individuals about whom the administration does not check immigration or deportation status. As a Governor, it’s beyond frustrating that, once again, this administration deliberately neglects its duty to act in a responsible manner and uphold the law. But as a mother, it’s unconscionable that federal officials willingly release children into the permanent custody of people of which little – if anything – is known. I call on the President Obama and his administration to immediately correct this practice and expedite the removal of illegal aliens to their home country. The American people have had enough. They demand immediate action to return illegal aliens – whether adults or minors – to their countries of origin and secure our border. I am confident voters will hold our elected officials accountable at the ballot box.”

Once again, the people, and the States, have demanded the First Enemy Agent obey the Constitution and do his lawful duty as President. And he gave a dismissive wave of his imperial hand and said "um ... no."

He's gotten away with so much criminality, now he thinks he can get away with anything. You will see, before the end of this year, the next thing he thinks he can get away with.


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 6 months ago

Mr. Mevis,

One can find fault with the President and his policies without being racist or a bigot. It is you on the left who simply cannot defend the incompetence that this administration has demonstrated so you resort to the very "labels" you accuse others of using. I'm sorry, but it appears you are seriously infected with "White Guilt". I and many others could care less what heritage, race, or culture Mr. Obama comes from, he was and is totally unqualified for the position of POTUS. And he and his administration prove it more and more every day. Even the African American community is speaking out about his failures and shortcomings. It seems you turn a blind eye to all this, and criticize those that don't, simply because you support the president ONLY "because he is not like you".


Mel Mevis 2 years, 6 months ago

Mr Hamric

I stand by my comment that Mr Cline's letter to the editor is inflammatory and full of nonfactual comments. It has the potential to inflame another Timothy McVeigh or the Miller couple.

You make my point because you totally miss my point about "conspiracy theories". That was the point of my comments.

Instead of sticking to those comments you and Mr Cline chose to attack using names and labels. I find it funny and sad when someone tries to label someone a Fascist and Marxist in the same paragraph, and when that is pointed out they go on a tirade of name calling. Labels are often used to depersonalize people ....... that is what I saw trying to be done to me. It's easier to dismiss them as a person.

The only person using "race" or "bigot" is you. You jump to conclusions. One of the initial examples I gave was of a bogus conspiracy theory was about race ...... guess you missed that.

The President is not like you or Mr Cline .... your right about that. He has shown respects to all Americans. He has tried to make life better for the majority of Americans.

All the post I have seen made by you and Mr Cline contain hateful and disrespectful comments about people who you disagree with your world views or are not in total lockstep with your misguided agendas. That is un-American! It's also a way of making them less human than you.

It's not "white guilt" ....... I believe all men are equal and should be treated that way. It is a core belief.

Both of your comments remind me of bullies in grade school ....... never had any use for them as a boy and I still don't.

America is and will continue to be a great country in spite of people with your opinions. Remember We the People ...... they will prevail. I have faith in their humanity.

May God bless you with insight and knowledge.


Ronald Hamric 2 years, 5 months ago

Mr. Mevis,

Since you would intone God to assist you with your efforts to convince others of the correctness of your views, might I suggest you simply stand in front of a mirror and then while doing so, read Romans 1:21 thru 32. I suspect you will see yourself very clearly in the last verse. Never forget, in spite of our human failings, Jesus loves us all and desires nothing but faith in Him from each and every one. Have a nice day.


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

"It has the potential to inflame another Timothy McVeigh or the Miller couple." Spoken like a true Tory, Mel. I'm very sure some Tory made a similar comment to Samuel Adams as he was trying to alert the colonists to the sheer monumental arrogance of the king and his minions. Of course the Jewish leaders in the Warsaw Ghetto said the same thing to the rebel faction wanting to resist the Nazi tyranny. Yeah, the rebel faction went ahead anyway and starting out with one smuggled pistol, 758 Jews managed to take out enough Nazi thugs, and take their weapons, that they were able to hold off a Nazi division for a month.

No, Mel, Timothy McVeigh and the Miller couple were not freedom fighters; freedom requires standing up for the liberty promised by our Constitution, and standing up for the liberty of the people to run their own lives. You, on the other hand, are standing up for the right of thugs to ignore the rule of law and do whatever they feel like doing to anyone they feel like doing it to. That makes your ilk the ones who inflame people like Timothy McVeigh and the Millers: People who are taught by YOUR ideology that they don't have to be responsible for their decisions, someone else will always tell them what to do and bail them out with other people's money when they make destructive lifestyle decisions. When the authorities try to rein them in to protect the rights of the people, they don't like that, and they murder people.

That's what YOUR ideology does, Mel. When YOUR ideology becomes the law, that is what the followers of YOUR ideology do to the people with impunity, because they are the Party Members, don'tcha know. That is the ideology YOUR messiah infesting and soiling our White House is trying to ram down our throats.

You say "He has shown respects to all Americans." Bullcrap. If he had any respect for all Americans, or himself, or our nation, OR OUR CONSTITUTION AND RULE OF LAW, he would adhere to the latter instead of trashing both and trying to make himself into an absolute monarch. His modus operandi is now ":What can anyone do about it?"

Mr. Hamric, notice how no matter what you say to Mel, he deflects, he bobs and weaves, he introduces unrelated issues to divert attention from his duplicity, he never ever accepts reality and addresses it. Straight out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and "Rules for Revolution" playbooks. Like that Lenin-loving dork, Mel believes if he just keeps spouting a lie long enough, people will believe it. The decency of normal people, who can't believe someone would lie through their teeth knowingly and with a straight face, is the Marxist apparatchiks' best camouflage, and is why they managed to get their Manchurian Candidate into the White House and a very near majority of his Marxist Mafia sycophants into the Senate so he could not be impeached. Break to part 2.


Donald Cline 2 years, 6 months ago

Well, Mel doesn't believe it yet, and neither he nor his messiah may ever believe it this side of a long walk on a short rope, but the first nation in the history of the planet founded on principals of liberty, rather than feudal tyranny, will survive him and his messiah. Eventually the thug using the alias of Obama will be remembered in history with the same disgust as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Robert Mugabe, Pol Pot, Charles Manson, the BTK killer, and others of their ilk. In reality, perhaps we should thank them for showing us how far we can be led astray by conmen before we wake up and kick their a$$es back to the City of London again.


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