Payson Water Co. Customers Had Disruption Of Service


Calls have come in to the Roundup from Payson Water Co. (PWC) customers wondering why there have been breaks in service.

President of the company, Jason Williamson said repairs caused interruption of service.

“Earlier in the month, we had to schedule a service outage due to a mainline repair,” he wrote in an email, “And yesterday, we had two short outages due to a mechanical issue with a pressure pump. That issue has now been fully resolved.”

Williamson said PWC had not had any issues in Gisela with respect to water supply or production.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 6 months ago

Gisela, has no additional service or benefits, just more cost to those who can least afford it. The water system is in no way structurally attached to Payson, so why make that comment?


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