County Supervisors To Consider Controversial Capital Improvement Plan


The Gila County Board of Supervisors will talk about improvements to county facilities in Globe at a work session at 10 a.m., Tuesday, July 29.

The county has been working for almost a year on updating its long-range facilities management plan. This work has included exploring various alternatives for acquiring additional office space and, if appropriate, submitting proposals on properties for purchase.

The county acquisition of the small residence on West Frontier adjoining its property and the NAPA building on West Main were in the plan for Northern Gila County.

The board’s $94 million budget includes $6.8 million for capital improvement projects, the bulk of which is earmarked for Globe. Only $652,229 of the capital improvement money is designated for Northern Gila County.

The projects for the Northern Gila County area include remodeling the Payson chamber building for the sheriff’s office ($111,080); remodeling the Payson jail ($386,750); work on the steps and landings at the Payson courthouse ($129,000); and Pine shelters ($25,399).

The capital improvement budget has $408,400 for security, some of it for Payson.

Claiming the biggest piece of the capital improvement pie were $1.5 million for the recently approved salary study, plan and implementation, which benefits all county employees, and $500,000 for a new animal shelter for Globe.

The balance includes technology upgrades and fleet replacement costs in the mix and these also benefit the entire county.

As for the rest, approximately $947,962 is attached to Globe projects, primarily continued remodeling to the Globe courthouse and the Globe jail building.

The long-range facilities plan update was presented to the board in February and it requested additional information about alternatives to help the county alleviate the need to rent office space from outside sources.

County Public Works Director Steve Stratton and consultant Lonnie Brevick will present three alternatives to the board to address facility issues in the Globe area, one short-term option costing $3.8 million and two different long-term options costing between $5.1 and $4.5 million.


Robbin Flowers 2 years, 5 months ago

Gila sure does like to invest in policing activities, but what about the children? Do they have nice public buildings to attend? Do they have overcrowding conditions in the schools? Does the county just leave that all up to the feds?


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