Surely We Can Find A Better Way



Our veterans are dying, dying needlessly waiting for help from government hospitals.

The recent news from Arizona has now metastasized into horrifying reports from other states and regions.

In an effort to help our heroes, the United States created a system of special government hospitals. Instead of helping, too often our heroes find themselves trapped in a system that cares more for shuffling paper around than saving their lives.

Our native brethren have been ill served by special Indian-only government hospitals for generations. Native Americans served by these special government hospitals have among the worst health outcomes of any social group. Health care on the reservation is a complicated issue, but it is difficult to claim that the government hospitals have done a proper job.

And yet Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party still want every single one of us to be forced into a similar situation.

With all the brilliant people in this country, surely we can find a better way. People of good will must come together to find a better way before we all find ourselves at the mercy of a bureaucracy that just doesn’t work. That just can’t work.

Andy McKinney


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