Kudos To Payson Regional Home Health



I recently had bilateral knee replacements and used Payson Regional Home Health upon my return home. My care with this group was outstanding.

Tammy Sedlock was my admitting nurse and her initial work with me took place over the weekend. She checked my incisions for any sign of infection and reviewed all of my medications.

Equally important, knowing that I had nursing care available to me 24 hours a day if the need were to arise provided great of peace mind to me.

Next, I was seen by physical therapist Mike Crossman and physical therapist assistant (PTA) Diana Vance. Mike took care of my evaluation and treatment, implemented a plan of care for my therapy, and also gave me a great deal of confidence that I was doing my exercises correctly (which is a very important part of my physical rehab program).

Diana Vance came a few days later to again work with me on balance, flexation and proper body mechanics.

Both Mike and Diana were encouraging, thorough and due to their humor, kept me laughing.

Patty Vogler, RN, was the last component to my care. She continued to review medications, provide education and did the necessary lab work. Patty did my lab and always got back to me within a few hours with any dosage changes that were deemed necessary by my surgeon.

While my husband, Tim, was a great caregiver, coach and cheerleader, it did mean a lot to him to have the positive feedback from this group of caring professionals, and again the peace of mind of having back-up, if needed.

Having worked for Payson Regional Home Health for the past two years, I have educated the community on the benefits of home health care and the ease of use of the program. Now on the patient side of the program, it has been an eye-opener to me on how much home health provides the patient and caregiver now that I have experienced the exceptional care I have received.

Kathleen Cavness Hughes


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