Beginning The Demise Of Our Quaint Little Town?



Pine is a quaint and creative little community (population 1,963 in the 2010 census) — we do not have fast food chains, chain stores or restaurant chains or big box stores — yet we have grocery, convenience, hardware, antique, art and handicraft stores, offices, restaurants, pubs, bars, service and gas stations.

We happily exist without Circle K, Taco Bell, Bashas’, Chili’s, Dollar Tree, Domino’s, or Walgreens, all of which are just 13 miles down the highway.

I don’t think anyone misses the Dollar General store that went out of business in Payson and is a vacant shell. (May 27, 2007 Payson Roundup: “The store opened in Payson in February 2005 and has employed between five and six people during its operation. ... started a closeout sale Thursday, May 22, 2007).

On May 15, 2014 there was a “public” hearing held at the Highway 260, Gila County Roads Building in Star Valley for the purpose of rezoning a parcel at the south end of Pine from “R1-D12 & TR to Commercial Two (C2) to establish a retail store on the property.”

The legal notice for this meeting was published in Globe’s Arizona Silver Belt newspaper on May 14, 2014. When was the last time you saw that paper available here in Pine?

The applicant/owner is a managing partner of the designated developer for Dollar General stores in Arizona. There is no mention in the zoning paperwork of intent to put a Dollar General on the site, but discussion of the request includes a Dollar General store.

Several area residents, who found out about the rezoning by word of mouth, attended the final step of the rezoning process (the board of supervisors, June 3, 2014 meeting to adopt the rezoning resolution) and voiced objections to the proposal. The board then instructed Mr. Robert Gould, community development director to conduct a public meeting IN PINE for community input before the next board meeting on July 15, 2014.

What can we do to ensure we are aware of proposals of this nature in our community without having to subscribe to the Silver Belt newspaper (unlike the Payson Roundup, the Silver Belt website does not provide access to the content of the paper) or trudge through the weeds to read postings on trees or telephone poles?

We strongly object to any development of chain operations in our community and ask that the proposal be rejected.

We don’t want to see a bright and gaudy yellow and black “Dollar General” sign lighting the south entrance to our “main” street.

We are concerned with the traffic congestion at the intersection of Highway 87, the store entrance, Old County and Cemetery roads.

We are concerned there will be a negative impact on our existing independent businesses.

If this proposal is approved, we foresee the degradation of Pine’s charm, whimsy, creativeness and generally unique historic and cultural ambiance.

We expect that Mr. Gould et al. will get an earful at the meeting in the Pine Community Center at 1:30 p.m. on June 25!

Mike and Maureen Pastika


Pat Randall 2 years, 7 months ago

Mike and Maureen, Pine was a quint little town 50 yrs. ago before all the flat landers and out of state people moved in. There were no bars, no alcohol sold anywhere in Pine. One restaurant off the main highway. How do you think the old timers that are left think about what has been done to Pine? But you don't hear them whining and trying to keep people out. We are still a semi free country. Live and let live, all people don't want to live the same as you do.


Nancy Volz 2 years, 7 months ago

Mike/Maureen - I don't live in Pine, but totally agree that a Dollar General doesn't belong there. Pat - Pine is STILL a quaint little town...


Pat Randall 2 years, 7 months ago

Oh really, a quaint little town. YOU don't know quaint. My husband was born and raised there. 1932. We lived in the house he was born in when we were first married. There were no pubs or bars, and no one seems to complain about them. I'm sure Grandpa Walt Randall and the other old timers that came there before 1900 must still be spinning in their graves over them being built. We have had a home there since 1984 or so. We owned a ranch west of the Doll Baby Ranch for about 13 yrs, while living in Mesa and Gilbert. Grandpa Randall owned it in the 30's. I was raised in Payson have lived here now since 1993. We had 4 sts. going west off McLane and one going east besides Main, dirt of course. McLane was the main highway to Pine. Colcord St. was the highway going to Khol's Ranch. No highway 260. Anyone that doesn't like Pine should leave. Did anyone complain when you moved in?


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