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Congratulations to my fellow citizens who voted for change. You should be proud and excited to see that our well-dressed, articulate president is following through with his promise to fundamentally transform America ... if not through Congress, with a phone and his pen. (If you haven’t heard about the president’s “phone and pen” you are a low information voter and maybe you should sit out of the next dozen elections.)

I’m disappointed and severely concerned with the lack of good, full-time jobs — the out of control national debt — the scandals and subsequent lies and then the lies about the lies — illegals being considered for legalization and now the children from Central America being warehoused here by the thousands (and soon to be hundreds of thousands) — the damage to our much admired health care system, etc.

I encourage you all to show how you support this president by displaying proudly a bumper sticker saying: “I voted for Obama.” They must still be available from somewhere. (I still have my bumper sticker showing the guy I wanted to be president).

Possibly, you learned something by your mistake (and if you don’t think it was a mistake, you should be institutionalized) and just maybe you will pay attention to what a person running for any office has done — not what he/she says.

Your fellow citizens and your country would appreciate it.

Judy Oconnell


don evans 2 years, 7 months ago

Hey, our President has lot's of real world economic and world political experience. Why he was a... a...., a foreign exchange Columbia University law student a....a....... before he was a community organizer.


Donald Cline 2 years, 7 months ago

And he was mentored by several Marxists who taught him all about how to destroy a nation.


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