We Must Share The Forest



We all need to share the Tonto National Forest. It belongs to everyone in the country.

We need to find an option that is acceptable to all. The tree huggers want to shut it all down and the ORV riders want it all open.

I have seen some really cool Indian ruins and would like to see them available to everyone.

Let’s keep as much of the forest open as we can. Closing these natural wonders because of our access method is an ORV is not a good reason.

Since we have so many riders, we should come up with a plan that educates them on the do’s and don’ts of off-road riding.

Jim Green


don evans 2 years, 7 months ago

How much education does it take to not cut a private fence. How much education does it take not to ride your OHV over private property that is sign posted. Or, not to vandalize those signs or tear them down. Let OHV people street legalize their loud, pollution machines and ride them around their own neighborhoods. See how they like it. I'll share the Payson Event Center for holding such OHV activity for a reasonable use fee to the Town. Then we will see how the equestrian people support that type of weekly activity use.


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