Coffee For Seniors Too High



We recently traveled a bit and noticed that a small senior coffee at all the McDonald’s we visited was under 59 cents, except ours here in Payson. Store #5783 on Highway 260 charges $1.

I kept copies of cash register receipts from McDonald’s we have visited and noticed “small senior coffee” in Lordsburg, N.M., store #10833, was 45 cents per cup; Farmers Branch, Texas, store #10359, was 59 cents per cup; Childress, Texas, store #13489, was 29 cents per cup; San Antonio, Texas, store #28656, was 55 cents per cup and these locations were on very heavy traveled major highways.

Even in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area a small senior coffee at store #31036, Mesa, was 55 cents per cup.

Our town of Payson has a senior population of over 30 percent, twice the percent of the U.S. and the state of Arizona with an average income of $34,000 gross, and yet this McDonald’s charges $1 for a small senior coffee.

What makes this McDonald’s so special other than profit?

J. Zezima


Mike Raynor 2 years, 7 months ago

We vote with our Dollars! We all have choices and we can all purchase where ever we want. I really dislike reading opinions like this. If you are personally unhappy with a company, do not purchase there! If you believe the community needs a particular type of business, take advantage of your vast knowledge of business and capture that market! (To name the company was even more egregious, and I would believe an apology is necessary!)

Please stop writing insane views that the community has to much of this type of business, that other communities use a discount to capture business, or we need kid friendly businesses. If you believed in any of the above, you would open your own business and make oodles of money.

The reality is, that the reason certain businesses are not open or have have closed down here , is there is not enough community interest or support to sustain the business. Sincerely, M. Raynor Payson


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