Huge Problem With About-Face On Pools



On the subject of allowing pools — I have a huge problem with this.

A few years ago I tried to get a pool put in to teach scuba diving. I brought to the table plans for a vulcanized rubber pool cover that would have nearly zero evaporation when covered and two signed agreements to supply me water from outside sources via trucks and a storage tank to maintain it.

Somewhere in the water department are copies of all my letters and letters from Buzz Walker explaining to me that under no instance will there ever be another pool (allowed in the town limits) unless it was prescribed by a doctor.

I also talked to several people in the building department with no success. So, I went to Mayor Evans and with an absolute tone in his voice he explained to me that the town cannot and will not be able to support outdoor pools of any type and that he would never go against or override the ordinance that was on the books.

So, I let go of the dream of teaching scuba up here.

How can I go about getting copies of those letters from the water department?

After reading the mayor’s letter to Mr. Wagenhals, I feel taken advantage of. Maybe if I had a lot of money the town would have treated me different. Because living here for 30 years, running businesses, providing jobs, volunteering for several organizations and raising a family here meant nothing.

Shame on you, Mayor Evans and any council person that had knowledge of this. You should all step down.

Mike Wicks


Pat Randall 2 years, 6 months ago

Mike, Go to the Town Clerks office. Ask for a form and fill it out asking for all letters and forms that were filled out for the pool. It is the publics right to read them. They are a matter of public record. You can have copies made or read them there. They will probably say the Town attorney will have to read your request and everything you ask for, but it is worth it. They will also charge you for it if you have it copied. It is worth it to have it in your hands. Been there, done that. When I first ask for things there was no problem. Then they had me fill out forms. Then changed again, Sam the attorney had to read them and give his approval for me to have what I ask for. From what I have read in the paper seems maybe the council broke the open meeting law on the pool changes. I can also tell you how to file a letter on that. (: Caught one council member a few years back breaking the open meeting law twice in an 8 month period. Of course there were three other members involved in them. But only one that did it twice.


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