Star Valley Ponders Road, Park Projects


Government meetings are not that exciting most of the time — at least not in a good way. Things might heat up if controversial hits the agenda, but that isn’t the “good” kind of excitement.

Expect the Star Valley Town Council to up the “good” excitement factor when it meets at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 4.

The council will discuss at least two ideas that could improve the quality of life for its residents.

The first: improvements to Sprague Road and Moonlight Drive Crossings. The crossings have concerned just about every council that has led the young incorporated community. Before that, they worried the county.

Probably the more exciting discussion will involve a proposed town park. Town manager Tim Grier is excited about it; he was promoting the discussion at the council’s meeting two weeks ago.

Complementing the discussion is a comprehensive plan, with an array of projects that could create an oasis for outdoor activities in the little town.

The park proposal would make use of the recently purchased 5.5 acres that will eventually provide space for a new town hall. Town growth will not justify the facility for some years, said Grier.

“During this interim period, rather than have the land sit vacant and unused, the … proposal asks the council to consider the development of a town park,” Grier said in the introduction of the proposal packet.

He went on to present the following supporting arguments:

• A town park and open space will strengthen our community and make the town a more attractive place to live.

• The Star Valley town park will provide a gathering place for both adults and children.

• The park will provide recreational opportunities.

• Numerous studies show that parks and open spaces increase the value of neighboring residential property. Growing evidence points to a similar benefit on commercial property value

• The park and recreation facilities add to the quality-of-life for citizens.

• Parks also have a role as a community development tool.

The proposal suggests an initial phase with picnic tables, park grills, horseshoe pits, a volleyball court and park benches.

Later, the park could include interpretive trails, summer water features, covered cabanas, use of the aviary on the property, a community garden, par fitness course, dog park and run, and outdoor lighting.

Grier’s proposal puts the initial cost of the first phase at $26,406 and includes more than a dozen possible funding sources from both the government and private sector.

Learn more and add your two cents at the 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 4 meeting of the Star Valley Town Council.

It’s good to dream.


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