Gosar Defended By Staff



I’m writing in response to two letters to the editor: Lawrence Hoffenberg’s Feb. 28 letter and Jeannette Sindik’s March 4 letter. As a member of Rep. Paul Gosar’s staff, I can say with absolute certainty that these letters were misleading and completely misrepresent the facts.

Since taking office in 2011, Rep. Gosar has focused on customer service. He established a policy to respond to every letter from Arizona, not just letters from his own district like most House members. Accordingly, Rep. Gosar has one of the highest mail volumes of the Arizona delegation, averaging more than 2,500 letters per week. That is more than 10,000 per month.

Despite this enormous volume of mail, people can typically expect a response in just two or three weeks. Considering the limitations, this is an incredibly aggressive program.

As Mr. Hoffenberg stated, he wrote Rep. Gosar about a specific bill on Nov. 3, 2013. However, he mistakenly referred to a house bill by number, when in fact he meant to refer to a house resolution that had the same number. Thus, as he admits, he got a response from Rep. Gosar, but it was precisely on the matter he misidentified — not on some “unrelated matter” as he states. That was his error, but when he wrote back, Rep. Gosar’s office corrected Mr. Hoffenberg’s mistake. He got a personal letter directly from Rep. Gosar’s legislative correspondent. Thus, it is factually incorrect to state that he did not get a response — he got two — or that the response he got was on an unrelated matter. Both replies were directly related to the issues Mr. Hoffenberg raised.

Jeannette Sindik made similar allegations in her letter to the editor. Upon reviewing our correspondence records, however, it was obvious that her claims were equally unfounded. There are multiple times that Rep. Gosar’s office responded to her e-mails within one week. On one occasion last year, she even received a response to her letter within 24 hours. Ms. Sindik then got angry and told Rep. Gosar never to respond to her again. She was angry because she thought the national debt had decreased and Rep. Gosar said it increased.

For the record, it has increased — a lot.

As I have clearly demonstrated, to say Rep. Gosar is unresponsive to constituents’ letters is factually incorrect.

Garrett Hawkins, press secretary, Office of Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S.


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