Hurray For The Rain — And Snow

Another Week in the Creek


Hey, we got a little last weekend and it was pretty good. But, you know it’s always good especially when you haven’t had any in a while. It was slow and mostly gentle, but with a couple periods of intensity. Christopher Creek, unofficially, had two-and-a-quarter inches of water out of the sky mostly in the form of rain, but with an inch or so of snow to cap off the storm. We’ll take it!

Up at the end of See Canyon, at 7,900 feet, the Promontory tower weather site showed eight inches of snow on top of two-and-two-tenths inches of rain. So, across the Rim including Forest Lakes there was some significant snow.

By late Sunday the snow was gone here in the Creek. It appears that everything soaked right in as the creek did not rise much.

Of course, you know things were a little more intense over on the coast with some parts of LA getting upwards of six inches of rain. Then they were inundated with the obligatory mudslides and angry torrents near the areas that burned in the last year. It seems there’s always something with those Californios ... earthquakes, fires, floods, politicians, new gas taxes. We’re going to have to insist on a border fence along the Colorado River to protect us from an invasion from those folks who have had their fill over there.

Let’s hope that first storm is a precursor to a change in the weather pattern, which has kept us very warm and dry for the last 45 days. It would be nice if we were to have an unusually wet spring to compliment the dry winter.

Down on Columbine there was a couple of bull elk ambling along about nine in the evening last Thursday. Karen Thornton spotted them down by the homestead as she made her way home. Then a few minutes later, Randy Hostee saw the pair in front of Alex and Irma’s. While it’s no big deal, the thing is these two still had their racks. It won’t be long now and when the time comes and they shed their antlers, you better have your garden seeds in the potting soil. Spring is right around the corner.

Some 30 folks from the Valley, Payson, Star Valley and Christopher Creek made their way over to the Double D in Tonto Village last Saturday. There was a break in the rain when we arrived. Ethel put out a nice spread of food for the folks who came to celebrate the life of Judy Bradley. Many spoke of Judy’s impact on their association and there were several comments about her trademark red, white and blue shirt and her reverence for Michigan football. Following the toast there along came a nice thundershower over the Village.

Many of you will remember Casey Hamilton who, along with her husband Ken, were Creek residents some years back. They subsequently moved up to the Heber area and became involved with the Eagles lodge. Word reaches us that Casey passed away Feb. 27. Our thoughts are with Ken.

Preparations are under way for some late winter activities. The newlyweds have been here to do the cleaning in preparation to open for the season. The Landmark will observe St. Patrick’s Day on their opening weekend and later in March is the annual Jammie Party on the 21st.

OK, we finally got some rain last weekend. Now, my pear tree is budding out. That’s an omen. We’re sure to get a cold snap or some deep snow. We have talked about big, late winter snowfalls, but did you know in late February of 1987 we got a three-footer. There was an ice storm on Memorial Weekend that year as well. To top that one, we got nearly four feet of wet snow in April of 1999. That was the time the Red Cross set up shop in the parking lot of the firehouse. The power lines were down several days and there were folks sleeping on the pool table in the old Landmark. Close to three feet fell in 2006 around the tenth of March and that was the year of the house fire out at Colcord. It looks to me like we get a real good one on the average of eight to 10 years. Don’t look now, but it’s been eight years since the last one ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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