New Fire Station And Bridge In The Village

The Village



The Royden Construction Company from Phoenix brought four huge girders to the bridge site in Tonto Village.

Not only is the Village getting a new fire station this year, but we are also getting a new bridge that will be crossing the creek and doing away with that big dip that goes in the creek. Vastco Construction Company from Chino Valley is the general contractor. The project manager for this project is Scott. Scott says that he has an office in Payson and that they are also doing a project in Punkin Center on old Highway 188.

Tuesday morning the Royden Construction Company from Phoenix had the enormous task of bringing the four huge girders to the site. Tonto Village has been waiting a long time for the diversion of the Control Road, which would make it safer at the intersection. 


The Rim Country finally received some rainfall. According to a resident in Bear Flat, the rainfall amount for them reached 1.98 inches; the deficit for the year is 5 inches.  Since my rain gauge is broken, I had to check with neighbors and was told Tonto Village received 2 inches of rain and an inch of snow last week

Curt Arrants, who is a resident of Tonto Village I, e-mailed me to say that he saw two robins in his front yard. Can spring be far behind?

Hellsgate Fire Department

At the Feb. 28 meeting of the Hellsgate Fire Board, four firefighters received one-year certificates and their badges for service to the fire department. They are: Perry Evans, Coby Smith and Chelsea Pierson and a three-year certificate went to firefighter Travis Kilbourne. Congratulations to all of you.

The Hellsgate Fire Department Auxiliary, the Fireflies, will start the “new” year on Friday, March 14 with a meeting for the election of officers. The meeting will be held at the Tonto Village Fire Station meeting room starting at 6 p.m.

The time was set so that ladies unable to attend a day meeting could participate.

The fire department needs the auxiliary now more than ever. Please come and join this great group of women and support the area’s firefighters. E-mail Dara Sutton at if you would like to help the community and also like to volunteer for a good cause.

Shelby School

The Shelby School Boy Scout Troop 7787 has been working overtime. Their last two weekly meetings were each extended by an hour for thorough first aid instruction.

The teachers for this intensive training were local EMT and firefighter Ben Perry as well as Fire Chief Rob Jarvis.

The Scouts are now well on the way toward earning not only the First Aid Merit Badge (one of the requirements for earning First Class Scout), but also American Red Cross First Aid Certification and CPR Training. Within the next two meetings, the boys will complete all requirements.

Over the weekend of Feb. 21-23, Shelby Boy Scouts also attended the annual Camp Klondike on the Rim. They took home honors for Teamwork and Team Spirit.

March birthdays

Joan and Gary Norem of Tonto Village III, start off the month of March on the 1st, with dual birthdays. Martha Bartlett, a firefighter with the Hellsgate Fire Department, adds another candle on her birthday cake on March 4.

On March 6, Matt Highstreet, a Hellsgate firefighter and Tonto Village III resident Erich Kirchhoefer celebrate their big day.

On March 7, Trey Shill will celebrate his big day. On March 8, my fishing buddy, Theresa Meeker will add another candle to her birthday cake. We will NOT stick a candle in a trout’s mouth! Theresa is a Hellsgate Firefly and helps out with the bake sale every year. Thank you for your support, Theresa.

On March 9, my hubby Bill will turn 79! Where does the time go, I met him when he was 21 and just out of the Army after three years including a tour of duty in Korea. My love and the best birthday wishes to you.

On March 12, Marsha Ward, a fantastic novelist from Christopher Creek adds another candle to her birthday cake, along with former resident of Tonto Village III, Kent Mortenson. He now resides in Flagstaff. Happy birthday to everyone, here’s hoping your birthday is wrapped in smiles.

Double D Doings

The six-week competition is over and the big winner is Cliff Landrum. Congratulations Cliff.

Next week the Sunday afternoon pool games will continue as usual. Games start at 2 p.m.


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