Nonsense Laws A Way To Distract Public



Are you kidding me? If there is anyone who lives in Arizona besides me who wonders why the Legislature is so consumed with passing useless bills that have no meaning, please remember who these “public servants” are come election time.

I can’t believe that these useless bills are the only things on the minds of the people of Arizona.

Regarding the refusal of service to certain individuals, that is already in place. Have you never seen the signs, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”? There needs to be no other “law.” In regard to this latest stupidity, not marrying certain people, I believe that if someone asked clergy or anyone else eligible, to be married, and that person didn’t want to do it. What ever happened to saying “No”? Are we so afraid of lawyers and those that overuse them, that we are willing to give up our right to say what needs to be said?

Our freedom of speech is in a very precarious position. It seems to me that “political correctness” has ruined people’s ability to express themselves.

I’m not sure when it happened that we allowed ourselves to be duped into thinking that life had to be fair. Guess what, it’s not and it never has been.

It is my opinion, that if you want something, then work for it, not whine about why someone who did work for it, didn’t just give it to you. We have, already, in this country so many laws, including immigration by the way, that have worked for many years. They are not broken, just not respected.

I understand that we are not perfect and that in this new fast-paced world some changes need to be made, but could we please choose more wisely what we focus on? Doesn’t it make you wonder what’s really going on, that the need to distract us is so great?

Deb Ulrich


Pat Randall 2 years, 10 months ago

Maybe we could vote to have a ballot with a square that says none of the above?


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