Did He Really Say That?



Referring to the council refusing to adopt the Firewise codes — Please tell me you misquoted some of the councilors’ remarks.

Did Councilman Hughes really say that “he doesn’t want to clear trees and brush from his property so he doesn’t think he should make developers do so on new lots”?

Did he also say he wouldn’t be willing to live by the code? Aren’t we all required to live by town codes whether we like them or not? Does being a council member give him the right to obey only the codes he likes?

Several of the councilors mentioned they were concerned about the cutting down of “big trees.” It appears they didn’t read the proposed code, because nowhere in that code does it mention that “big trees” be cut down. The code only requires that the trees be trimmed up to remove the ladder fuels (dead limbs that allow the fire to “climb” up to the top of the trees which can cause a crown fire).

Please tell be that Mr. Hughes did not state that “he didn’t want to be told how to build his house.” So if he wants to build a new home he can skip “all” the provisions required by the town for new construction.

And what’s the matter with giving the fire department the authority to enforce the code? Who else is best qualified to enforce the code? Aren’t they the ones who risk their lives to defend the property from fires?

I was really surprised to learn that the current code provides no regulations to make people clean up their yards. Just drive west on Summit off McLane and see what it looks like when residents don’t clean up their yards

The article also stated the Mr. Blair and other councilors had not read the amendments to the code. So how can they reject something they haven’t read?

I was firefighter for over 40 years in California and I can testify that new codes do not chase developers away and these codes work. You would think that after the Yarnell Fire our elected officials would be willing to adopt the new Firewise code.

Russ Russell


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