Wind No Match For St. Patrick’S Celebrations

Another Week in the Creek


Christopher Creek had some wind over last weekend. How much wind was there, you ask? Well, it would have blown your hat in the creek. It was absolutely fierce. It gusted hard enough to blow the fuzz off the pussy willows.

During one big gust, several table umbrellas were tossed around the patio at one of the local restaurants.

Spring break and Irish celebrations highlighted the weekend’s activities. Kids of all ages, moms and dads along with a lot of returning folks filled the local venues. One bunch ventured to the top of the Rim to play in the scant remaining snow. It ended up being too chilly with all the wind. Others were out riding their various vehicles and conveyances.

Out at Colcord, Randy and Patsie had all the grandkids up for the weekend. Angel and Brandy from down in the big park had a whole bunch up as well. Brandon brought his new girlfriend up and we saw Tammy and Danny, Rod Beale, John and Donna, Junior and Mike Levac.


Donna Buchholz photo

Kelly O’Neill and the writer at the O’Neills’ annual St. Patrick’s Day party — the kick off to Christopher Creek’s social season.

The obligatory green beer, corned beef and cabbage dinners, St. Patrick’s Day garb and corn-hole matches made for a packed house Saturday evening at the Landmark. This was their first weekend open and the crew has been busy pouring concrete and making other improvements to their patio overlooking the creek.

The wind did not put a damper on the goings-on up in See Canyon Saturday afternoon. Many folks sitting around the fire pit had to seek refuge in the house from time to time, however. You see there was no fire ... too windy.

Inside Dennis and Kelly’s home it was standing room only. The nearly 50 folks there for the annual St. Patrick’s Day observance came and went all afternoon. As is typical of parties around the Creek, there is never enough food. The pots of corned beef and cabbage stew were the centerpiece around which were the deviled eggs, casseroles, mac and cheese, the green spinach salad and myriad other dishes and desserts. You could feed a third world country for a day with that spread. They always have great parties at the O’Neills and this one to kick off the social season was no exception.

Next up is the time-honored Christopher Creek Girls Jammie Party, scheduled for this Friday evening. Night­gowns, pajamas, robes, hair curlers and cold cream are standard garb for this popular event. Karen Thorn­ton hosts the preliminaries at her house, including the hors d’oeuvres, chocolate wine and photo-op. Over the years there has always been the threat of the fellas crashing the party ... but it never seems to happen. Later tonight the girls will make their way to the local establishments, ending up at the Landmark where Bud-Light John is selecting the tunes.

Unfortunately, the weekend wasn’t without incident. Sunday morning about 10, a young fellow was coming down FR 284 on his bicycle when he lost control and ran head-on into a tree. The 14-year-old was then transported to the firehouse to await his ride in the helicopter to a Valley hospital. He was conscious and responsive while being transferred to the bird. It is unknown whether he was wearing a helmet. We wish him well and a speedy recovery.

Genny Dodson tells us her Lupus Walkathon fun-raising netted nearly $400 last weekend. Granddaughter Ashley is a Lupus survivor and a frequent visitor to the Creek.

Selection Sunday has everybody in March Madness mode. Nobody pays much attention to college basketball until the tournament announcements are made. Old Warren Buffett is giving away a billion dollars if you can fill out a perfect bracket. My idea is to make my picks using the tried and true coin-toss method. Odds of being error-free are one in 9.2 quintillion. That’s the number that comes after trillion and you better hope your politicians don’t learn about that one. Knowing that, my chances are just as good as anybody else, right? It could happen.

For the 10 years that Zane Grey headquartered in Rim Country each fall, Babe Haught was his hunting guide. Babe and his brother walked from Globe to the end of Tonto Creek in 1897. By the 1920s they were expert lion and bear hunters. Babe’s daughter Myrtle wrote of her father’s prowess in a short book, “Pioneer Hunters of Rim Country.” One hunt sent Zane Grey and his entourage in two wagons on a two-day trip to the top of the Tonto Rim and to an area just west of today’s Bear Canyon Lake. In the meantime, Babe made the trip in two hours by climbing the Rim on a mule trail that he had made. The route taken by Zane Grey went by the CI ranch, which was owned by the Bowmans and is today’s Christopher Creek. The name of the road was the Old Gordon Canyon Wagon Trail and, of course, you know it as State Highway 260 ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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