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I am scheduled for surgery and my expected hospital stay is at least three days. I take daily prescription medication. Can I bring them with me to take during my stay?


The best practice when being aware of an extended hospital stay is to either have yourself or someone close to you bring to the hospital either your medications or a detailed list of which medications you are currently taking (including name, of drug, dose, route, and frequency).

Upon admission to the hospital, the nursing staff, pharmacy or physicians will discuss with the patient their current medication regimen.

The hospital has a large formulary and carries many medications in every drug class.

Occasionally, the hospital will not have a medication that a patient takes at home. At that time, if approved by the physician, the patient may continue to take a given home medication during their stay. If medications remain that the hospital already has in stock, the hospital pharmacy will store the patient’s medications and return them to the patient at discharge.

Dr. Scott Grassel PharmD, Pharmacy Director, Payson Regional Medical Center


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