Kids Compete To Clean Up Around The Village

The Village


My hands are starting to get itchy for planting flowers and veggies. This past weekend, I cleaned out my herb garden of pine needles and leaves and watered the herbs that are already starting to come up. My hubby and I stopped at our local nursery in Star Valley and Glen said to wait just a bit longer to plant the veggies.

Down in Punkin Center, our Anna’s apple tree has now lost most of its blooms and we now have tiny apples. We bought a net to cover the tree since the birds ate the one apple that we had last year. We just might have a crop of apples this year.

Hellsgate Fire Department

Some of the firefighters have gone to the annual National Fire Academy in Glendale, Ariz. at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Fire companies from all over the United States come and show off their equipment and meet other fire companies. The event is open to the public and if you have never gone, maybe there will be time in your schedule to drive down and check it out. The event will be going on all week.

The Hellsgate Fire Board will be holding its monthly meeting at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 9 at the Star Valley Fire Station.

The Hellsgate Fireflies Auxiliary will be meeting at 6:30 p.m., Friday, April 11 at the Tonto Village Fire Station.

Tonto Village Community Kids and Shelby School held a scavenger hunt last week during spring break. Each team needed to get at least 150 pieces of garbage, including paper, wood, plastic and glass. The biggest and heaviest bag would be the winner. The boundaries were from Johnson Boulevard, along the creeks, the schoolyard, the barn and the corral area.

The event brings back the tradition from the ’90s and hopefully will continue bi-annually. The kids were told that they are so very fortunate to live in the Village and the Tonto National Forest and that they need to respect where they live and take care of the land.

Nash Rensch and Gabby Driver and Timmy McCarthy shared first place with Caylinn McCarthy, Vogue Tennenhaus and Emey Walker. Each of the winning teams was awarded $30.

Caylinn’s team picked up a 50-gallon bag worth of garbage that was too heavy even for Hellsgate firefighter George Karrys to lift.

All participants received some kind of prize for their effort.

There were many helpers to organize the hunt including Ricki Karrys, Lucy Karrys and Danny and Shauna Rensch.

After all the hard work, the kids were treated to a picnic and root beer floats.

Many thanks to the organizers and the kids for all the hard work. Everyone can show the pride of the Village from having a clean environment.

Birthdays, anniversaries

Happy belated anniversary wishes to Bear Flat residents Denny and Mary Kindler. They celebrated 18 years of wedded happiness.

On March 25, Lenny Trujillo of Mead Ranch celebrated his birthday. Lenny is also a Hellsgate firefighter and Lenny is always there for the Fireflies when they have their fundraisers. Thanks Lenny. Happy birthday to you.

Double D Doings

Sunday afternoon the pool table area was busy with a nine-ball rotation quarter game. Ethel says with that kind of game, there are many winners and that the game is popular, so for the time being the players will stick with that game.


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