Athletes Rely On Community


by Don Heizer, PHS athletic director

Payson High School athletic programs are alive due to the financial support of our community in the form of Credit for Kids (state tax credit program), individual and business donations (federal tax deductions), and attendance to our events (gate receipts). Through these resources and district support in the way of transportation, our student-athletes are able to grow physically, emotionally and ethically. Students and coaches are constantly involved in various fundraising activities.


Athletic Director Don Heizer

Credit for Kids contributions can be made any time during the year. An individual can contribute up to $200 annually with a couple’s contribution being up to $400 annually. It is not necessary to make the entire contribution at one time. Contributions can be made several times during the year in smaller amounts, up to the maximums, at the PHS bookstore in the form of cash, check or credit card.

We are exploring the possibility of employers setting up payroll deduction plans to allow for a convenient way to make contributions.

Our programs need funding all year long, so there is no need to wait until December to become involved in providing the critical support.

Simply put, through the Credit for Kids program the contributions the community makes to the school are funds individuals provide in support of kids and are paid back by the state when qualifying tax returns are filed and refunds are received. This is the community’s opportunity to determine how their tax dollars are utilized within our community.

Donations outside the Credit for Kids program may qualify for federal tax deductions. We encourage you to consult on your tax situation for both programs.

Through the community supported funds we are able to provide referees/umpires, equipment, uniforms, training aides, camps, rooms and meals on overnight trips, supplemental out of season travel, and coaches compensation. These are all necessary elements to the development of quality programs and experiences for our student-athletes.


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