Thanks For The Veto



Thanks Gov. Brewer for once again vetoing gun laws proposed by our local politicians, Barton and Crandell — foolish laws that would have allowed guns into public areas where they don’t belong.

I have wondered what these people have to fear that they need guns everywhere they go. I have the same concern about you guys I see in the supermarket packing your .45s or .357s ... Who’s after you?

Then I read an article about Zimbabwean President Mugabe’s rabid campaign against gays.

“Discussion of the most important constitutional issues, such as the need to limit executive authority ... poverty, hunger, or potholes was forbidden.”

Now as you wonder what gays in Zimbabwe have to do with Gila County, follow me:

I think I see what is going on with our politicians here and in D.C. If they can keep the focus on guns, gun rights and the irrational fear of losing our precious guns, rather than addressing lack of funding for education, highway repairs, social needs, immigration reform, etc., the masses will not realize that these most important programs are being ignored by our elected officials.

Ted Paulk


Donald Cline 2 years, 8 months ago

Ted, even when you are marginally coherent you reveal a flair for the oxymoron:

Premise: People belong in public areas.

Premise: People have an inherited and unalienable right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by both the State and federal Constitutions which prohibit State or federal interference in the exercise of the right.

Therefore: It cannot be rationally claimed that guns “don’t belong” in public areas. Nor can it be rationally claimed the State has any authority, prohibited to it by both the State and federal Constitutions, to prohibit the non-disruptive exercise of the right in public areas, which compelled the legislation in the first place.

If we had a State government that constrained itself to obeying the law prohibiting its interference in private rights, there would be no need for legislators to introduce legislation protecting the rights of the citizens, and we wouldn’t have a governor revealing herself a tyrant by vetoing such legislation.

Why do you support tyranny, Ted?


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