Payson’S Weather Neanderthals



More evidence exists that Payson has its own share of weather Neanderthals. One of the Roundup’s more prolific (and dogmatic) writers recently wrote on these pages, “... so much for global warming and its computer future forecast, which all proved to be incorrect.”

These science deniers remain convinced that man has nothing to do with the increasing levels of CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere, that the recent wild temperature and precipitation fluctuations are business as usual, and that the 97 percent of the entire world’s scientists that disagree all have their heads up where the sun doesn’t shine.

He (and his opinionated, vocal friends) would do well to re-read an excellent explanation of the recent weather changes that was published in the Payson Roundup in late January. He can re-read it online at /jan/31/whats-going-frigid-weather.

This well-written article reveals why extreme temperature fluctuations — both scorching and frigid — will become ever more frequent as a result of global warming.

And, if you have a short attention span, watch this 30-second clip from NASA showing Earth’s warming over the past 130 years:

Unless we all read the writing on the wall and do everything we can to support efforts to reduce the amount of carbon we’re flooding the earth with, he and his science denier friends will certainly experience the same fate as the Neanderthals.

Unfortunately, so will our children and grandchildren.

Larry Brophy


Meria Heller 2 years, 8 months ago

Yes the weather is changing worldwide and it's tied to the Sun's activity. NASA never tells us the truth..Follow the Sun.


Pat Randall 2 years, 8 months ago

The weather is warmer because of more people and all the concrete and blacktop highways that hold the heat. We never had any kind of cooling in Payson when I was a kid, but there wasn't any concrete, paved roads or a lot of flatlanders living here.


don evans 2 years, 8 months ago

So what has Mr. Brophy done to help his individual man made global warming footprint? Has he given up driving a motor vehicle? Has he moved into a tent, or built an indigenous materials hut? Has he taken to wearing a goat skin vs all his heat manufactured chemically treated clothing? Does he cook by campfire only vs using carbon generating propane or natural gas? Has he gone totally Vegan to help save the planet from over growth of carbon dioxide producing plants, vegetables, and to save all the food production animals? If not, why not? If so, then who is the true Neanderthal? What happened to Al Gore's plan to save us from ourselves and protect mother Gaia from our evil environmental plans? Last we heard, nobody purchased his carbon credits scam.


don evans 2 years, 8 months ago

A rational explanation of global warming (new catch phrase is climate change) >> No politics, no grant funding involved for a certain result, just truth and facts.


Donald Cline 2 years, 8 months ago

I think global warming is certainly occurring; the evidence is all over the world. The ice shelve at the poles are melting and retreating; Penguins at the South Pole are gasping in balmy 40-deg. F weather; the ocean levels are rising, etc. But it has happened several times before in history long before any elevated CO2 levels in the atmosphere could have caused it. I think the most pressing argument against this latest hobgoblin thrown up by the leftists who want to control everything, is this: If historical climate change models over millennia are in fact recurring, the destruction of modern society as a result of crop failure, famine, etc. is likely anyway whether man-made CO2 is the cause or not. OTOH, doing away with all the modern technology that causes elevated CO2 levels, to be effective, would destroy our ability to feed the people on this overpopulated planet, resulting in famine and the loss of most of our population and living standard anyway. So what's the point? Let's throw the leftist wannabe dictators out and at least enjoy liberty until the end. :)


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