Gun Control Does Not Work



A recent letter to the editor called for gun control, but contained no facts just emotion. Here are some facts that support the right of our citizens to own and carry firearms:

During the 503 days between the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, more than 10,000 black Americans were killed. Name one. That is an average of more than 21 per day.

The United States ranks third in murders throughout the world, however, if you remove Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, from those statistics, the United States drops to fourth from the bottom in murders throughout the world.

Three of these cities have the toughest gun control laws in the United States. All four are controlled by Democrats. You can draw factual conclusions from that data.

Support the Second Amendment. Gun control does not save lives; it allows criminals to murder with impunity when law-abiding citizens are unarmed. That is fact over fiction.

K.L. Cool


Meria Heller 2 years, 8 months ago

It's not about gun control, but control. Long live the 2nd amendment.


Anita Christy 2 years, 8 months ago

More and more women are purchasing guns and learning how to use them. They understand that it is their God-given right to defend themselves. The average size man can kill just about any woman with his bare hands. There is a reason that a gun is called "the great equalizer."

What most people don't read, because it is not published in most media, is the numerous times that women have successfully defended their lives and the lives of others, because they used a gun. It defies logic and is anti-woman for those who favor gun control to deprive women of their right to NOT be a victim.


Donald Cline 2 years, 8 months ago

Meria, I agree, long live the Second Amendment, but you should be aware that with regard to the federal government the first line of legal defense of our rights is not the Second Amendment; it is the Tenth: If the power is not delegated to the federal government, the federal government doesn't have it. Period. Full-stop. End of story. The Tenth Amendment also brings the Second Amendment into play for the States: States are prohibited by the Second Amendment from exercising any power over the private right to keep and bear arms. Period. Full-Stop. End of Story. And the Tenth recognizes that the Constitution prohibits certain powers to the States. We also need to recognize that a background check as a pre-condition to exercising a right -- any right -- is, in the absence of probable cause of wrongdoing, a violation of the Fourth Amendment right to privacy and the Fifth Amendment right to due process. It is time government learned it cannot violate the rights of the people without abdicating its lawful authority to govern under the U.S. Constitution. Disclaimer: I have studied the U.S. Constitution and the writings of the Founders for 38 years, but I am not a lawyer and I don't give legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult your own lawdog or legal beagle. Don't believe anything the lawdog says, but get what the legal beagle says in writing so you can act on it with legal standing. :)


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