Water Hauling Pondered

ACC calls May 22 Mesa del meeting


Just in time to save Mesa del Caballo water customers from paying for trucks to haul water although the pipeline to the Town of Payson is complete, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will hold a special meeting on May 22 to possibly approve an interim rate so the company can sell Mesa del Caballo customers Payson water.

The recent warm weather in early May, coupled with the historically dry winter and spring, has depleted the water table and all storage tanks in Mesa del, creating an imminent water shortage.

On May 6, Jason Williamson, president of the Payson Water Company, sent an email to the ACC and Mesa del water customers warning them he will have to impose expensive water-hauling charges if the ACC won’t allow him to charge for water coming through a Town of Payson pipeline.

“Note that the new pipeline from the Town of Payson to Mesa del Caballo is substantially complete and operational,” wrote Williamson, “however, because the Arizona Corporation Commission has not yet approved the new rates (which include the Purchased Water Surcharge for MDC customers), the company cannot afford to purchase water through the new line.”

As of May 6, the Payson Water Company has put Mesa del customers under Stage 4 conservation measures.

The Monday notice requested a meeting and expressed concern that unless the Commission resolved the situation, Mesa del customers would not have enough water and have to pay expensive fees. The ACC staff requested the Commission approve an interim rate structure outside of the rates requested in the still undecided case before Administrative Judge Dwight Nodes for all Payson Water Company customers.


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