Payson High Acting I Students Put On A Show

Mother and her family hide from the demanding sergeant.

Mother and her family hide from the demanding sergeant. |


Tackling the challenge of running their own show, young students from the Acting I class presented a drama and a comedy.

“Requiem” mixed Acting I students with the Advanced Acting class for a dark look at war and the agonizing choice a mother makes.


J. Edgar (the grandpa) wisecracks with one of his granddaughters in “All in the Cards.”

On a lighter note, the Acting I students with help from the Advanced Acting class put on “All in the Cards,” about a family with an Archie Bunker type grandfather overseeing a house full of rambunctious teenagers, sullen children, and a sassy ex-wife.

Requiem cast:

Mother – Crystal Kubby (Acting I)

Father – Colin Nossac (Acting I)

Anna – Moira Hamrick (Acting I)

Benjamin – David Friday (Acting I)

Sergeant – Cody Rislund (Advanced Acting)

Death – Emerson Carr (Acting I)

Chorus/Pike Bearers – Leah Brahm, Jasmine Ernst, Rae Thompson, Hannah Welker, Kiki York (Advanced Acting)

All in the Cards cast:

Clyde – Emerson Carr

Bonnie – Moira Hamrick

J. Edgar – Colin Nossac

Iris – Tierney Phillips

Heather – Nerissa Smith

Jennifer – Josie Long

Al Capone – Kyle Sattherthyte

Machine Gun Kelly – Heather Lanyi

Pretty Boy Floyd – Sam Hesson

Zelda – Kendra Barth

Olivia – Jayme Peet

Bertha – Dani Smith

Henrietta – Rhianne Hamrick

Ellen/Marrie – Rae Thompson

Samantha – Missy Kane

Brad – David Friday

Also on the handbill, a wise quote:

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adams


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