Payson High Acting I Students Put On A Show

Mother and her family hide from the demanding sergeant.


Mother and her family hide from the demanding sergeant.


Tackling the challenge of running their own show, young students from the Acting I class presented a drama and a comedy.

“Requiem” mixed Acting I students with the Advanced Acting class for a dark look at war and the agonizing choice a mother makes.


J. Edgar (the grandpa) wisecracks with one of his granddaughters in “All in the Cards.”

On a lighter note, the Acting I students with help from the Advanced Acting class put on “All in the Cards,” about a family with an Archie Bunker type grandfather overseeing a house full of rambunctious teenagers, sullen children, and a sassy ex-wife.

Requiem cast:

Mother – Crystal Kubby (Acting I)

Father – Colin Nossac (Acting I)

Anna – Moira Hamrick (Acting I)

Benjamin – David Friday (Acting I)

Sergeant – Cody Rislund (Advanced Acting)

Death – Emerson Carr (Acting I)

Chorus/Pike Bearers – Leah Brahm, Jasmine Ernst, Rae Thompson, Hannah Welker, Kiki York (Advanced Acting)

All in the Cards cast:

Clyde – Emerson Carr

Bonnie – Moira Hamrick

J. Edgar – Colin Nossac

Iris – Tierney Phillips

Heather – Nerissa Smith

Jennifer – Josie Long

Al Capone – Kyle Sattherthyte

Machine Gun Kelly – Heather Lanyi

Pretty Boy Floyd – Sam Hesson

Zelda – Kendra Barth

Olivia – Jayme Peet

Bertha – Dani Smith

Henrietta – Rhianne Hamrick

Ellen/Marrie – Rae Thompson

Samantha – Missy Kane

Brad – David Friday

Also on the handbill, a wise quote:

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” — Scott Adams


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