Will The Forest Service Follow The Rules?



I have followed the struggles of the valiant group who have invested so much time and money trying to bring a university campus to Payson over the years. I applaud their tenacity and patience as they seem to be close to having the 200 acres of bare ground appraised.

But I am now concerned about our dear civil servants at the Forest Service here in the town of Payson. I trust that these honorable government employees will not skimp or take any shortcuts while building their new facility off of Granite Dells Road, inside the town limits. There is no doubt that the same rules and regulations imposed on the university investors will be in place for the Forest Service land use; which means complying with their own stringent requirements of looking for archaeological sites (and notifying the same Native American tribes, White Mountain and San Carlos Apache, should any pot shards or broken arrow heads be uncovered. Who will conduct the environmental impact study checking for endangered species, flora and fauna and reptilian? Will this be done by the same folks who did the study on the new campus site?

Does the current Forest Service building slated for demolition fall under any historical landmark rules? It has been there a long time you know.

How about Planning and Zoning for the town? Will the new office building be erected in a residential area, has it been re-zoned commercial? Has proper paperwork been filed with the town? Along that line, has the Town of Payson Engineering Department approved the construction plans for allowing extra traffic entering and leaving the site on an existing street? Have the plans for the new building been approved by the town? Have the impact fees been paid by the Forest Service? Have the sewer hook up and sanitation fees must also be paid up front, just like the rest of Payson residents who build a home must do?

Just a few questions that I hope have already been addressed. I have not read about any of these items in the paper; unlike every bit of minutia concerning the university project, but I’m sure the Forest Service leader here in the Payson district will keep us all informed and meet every rule and regulation that they have so tediously enacted on the university investors.

Ted Paulk


don evans 2 years, 7 months ago

Why.....ahemmmm....those evil wealthy investors. Trying to make a profit off of the masses. I hope they find a mummified scarab beetle and the whole site becomes a protected endangered species zone.


Pat Randall 2 years, 7 months ago

It was said all they found were pottery shards. If someone was walking thru the forest somewhere else and picked up shards of pottery or anything else to take home they would be arrested and fined if not put in jail. What are they going to find when they start digging to put in footings for the buildings? If they find anything what happens? Is there going to be anything in the contract of sale about this?


Pat Randall 2 years, 7 months ago

Ted, I just reread your post, and no, the Forest Service buildings are not historical. I don't think the town can stop the traffic. If you are worried about traffic worry about what amount of traffic will be here IF a college gets built and hotel and all the rest that is planned. I believe the new building will be built on FS land and the town has no control. They don't have control over what the county does. Look at the parking lots at the county buildings. They aren't paved or marked off. It is county land. I think the C of C bldg. is on county land and the town rents it. No one except a select group knows what the h--- is going on and we won't until it is all a done deal.
Remember this all started as some rich people were going to make donations to bring a college here. Now look how it is going.


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