Extending Rumsey Drive



I was at the meeting at the library on May 19 re: the apparent “cast in concrete” deal between the city and True Life Companies. Mr. Barry referred to the general plan of the city to extend Rumsey from McLane to the back side of Walmart. This, according to the presenters, as being an 18 percent grade. The developers also want to extend Forest Park Drive to Rumsey.

Both of these extensions result in fast, steep grades through neighborhoods of children and people walking their dogs or elderly citizens enjoying a leisurely stroll — all occurring without benefit of sidewalks to provide some protection from speeding cars.

The people who live on Forest Park Drive enjoy our quiet street and we put up with the cars on Longhorn which are exceeding the 25 mph which causes us to wait and wait and wait before we can make our way to the 87/260 lights.

If I were a business along 87, I would be really disappointed that our city fathers feel that Walmart needs a secret way in so their customers can avoid buying from Payson businesses.

M. Burdick


H. Wm. Rhea III 2 years, 7 months ago

I for one take the opposing view. I would love to see a back way, not a "secret way" into Walmart as Mr. Burdick calls it. There is so much traffic on the Beeline that using McLane would save half the town from having to go out onto the Beeline just to get to Walmart - where everyone does shop. And what's more, if Rumsey/Malibu continued onto Manzanita after the City offices, it would save ¾ of the town from having to use the Beeline - especially on busy weekends.


Meria Heller 2 years, 7 months ago

Sad that Walmart seems to be the attraction of the town.


Pat Randall 2 years, 7 months ago

M. Burdick, The people on Forest Park Drive enjoy the quiet. Well good for them. Wouldn't we all? The road to Walmart will make it safer and less traffic tie ups on 87. You may even like the short cut to Walmart. Where do you shop if not at Walmart? I live in a subdivision that has one road that circles around with four dead end streets. Do you think that keeps people from using the one main road going way over the speed limit? No and it goes on all night. They use it as a short cut. They are public streets and we are not so special that we can say who uses the roads. There are mostly elderly people that live here that walk their dogs. Live and let live. As I said in another post every one wants something but not in their back yard. There are 3 highways that will take you out of Payson if it gets to crowded for you. One will take you to Chaparel Pines and Rim Club where you go thru a gate that cuts down on traffic.


Meria Heller 2 years, 7 months ago

We need a traffic light on Longhorn & S. Forest Park Drive. Then a 4 way stop sign on Overland & S.Forest Park Dr to slow down the speeders. Children have no safe crossing across Longhorn after school and then have to walk in the street on S.Forest Park Dr hoping not to get hit by a speeder or stop sign runner. People act as if the stop sign is a choice. Graduation night people were ducking between two way traffic in the middle of the street. After graduation they fumbled to their cars in the dark taking chances with their lives. Want more cars? Well, let's slow them the heck down. The town could make a fortune just ticketing everyone that slides through the stop sign on Overland. as for Walmart, it cost this town Main Street, Mom & Pop stores, the dignity of the Mom & Pops that lost their livelihood so they could work min. wage at Walmart. Costs every taxpayer $5000 plus a year to subsidize Walmart workers for health ins/Axcess and more. How that ever got approved amazes me. If you don't believe these FACTS do the research on line yourself. Until the pay their workers living wages I will not (and have not) spend one dime in that neighborhood neutron bomb. Now they want more roads to Walmart - is that what Payson is known for? Sad. I agree with M.Burdick about the speeders on Longhorn, I can barely turn onto it from S.F.P. now, that will only worsen. Thus a traffic light as necessity.


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