If I Were President (Sequel)



Under God, provider of mental ability, physical ability, and conscience, in whom the American people trust. When the buck stops here it is my duty to confront each and every issue with the aforementioned attributes.

One of our country’s major concerns is that of unemployment and underemployment. Construction of the Keystone pipeline would create thousands of jobs and reduce cost of gasoline and dependence on OPEC oil.

Many of our bridges are dilapidated (just ask residents of Minnesota, Ohio and West Virginia) and many of our roads have deteriorated; repair of these would add more thousands of respectable jobs. Although these projects would necessitate considerable federal expense increased income tax revenue, fewer unemployment checks would be issued and food stamp costs would be decreased.

A second major concern that would demand my attention is the federal debt and excessive expenditures. Social Security and Medicare are here to stay. As we live longer slight increases in the age in which Social Security payments become available would not be inequitable and improved investigation of Medicare fraud would decrease government costs.

Any bill sent to me by Congress that contains even one dollar of pork would be vetoed and I would encourage Congress to send me a bill outlawing lobbying of Congress.

American companies claim they are overseas entities to evade taxes; a screeching halt to this practice is in order.

Frequently lack of available jobs is not the only unemployment problem; finding individuals with the proper training to perform those jobs can be an obstacle. During the housing crash many construction workers fled the scene for other employment areas. Now developers cannot find enough qualified workers as new home construction has resumed. We will need plumbers, electricians, mechanics, etc., and there are plenty of poor people who could be trained.

Drug dealers are costing our country billions of dollars every year and their activities are killing people. My attorney general would be encouraged to file attempted murder charges against all major drug dealers and endeavor to keep all those convicted off our streets for at least 20 years.

Our military returnees from Afghanistan could be kept combat ready by becoming National Guard or Reserve members while protecting our borders and seaports from terrorists and drug importers.

My term as president would be spent tending to daily issues; this means no self-ingratiating political fundraising speeches or glamorous golf outings in the Bahamas or Hawaii.

Each night before falling into satisfied dreamland my conscience would be examined to ascertain that the will of my country has been done on earth as it is in heaven.

Gerald R. Rutz


Ted Paulk 2 years, 7 months ago

Keystone Pipeline will NOT create thousands of jobs. It will NOT lower the price of gas as the oil is bound for China. After reading these mistake lines, I didn't bother to read the rest of your bull.


Kim Chittick 2 years, 7 months ago

Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, dear boy, did your Mama not teach you that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?? Good grief, do you even have it in you to say something nice or even constructive??


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