The Koch Brothers Are Generous



While I realize that the Payson Roundup is, like the vast majority of media outlets today to varying degrees, left of center, the political cartoon on the opinion page of the 27 Dec 16 edition really left me shaking my head. It implies the Koch Brothers are a key element of an “evil empire” manipulating our political system and worthy of a congressional investigation. I don’t deny the existence of powerful elements working to sway elections and buy influence. But where’d the cartoonist get this inspiration, from Harry Reid’s unsubstantiated oft repeated boogeyman rant on the Senate floor? I’d be interested in reading an investigative piece that exposes what evil-doers the Koch Brothers really are. But everything I’ve read about them (factual, not opinion) shows them to be a generous, charitable family that supports political candidates that are largely middle of the road but pro-free market and free trade. I could agree with the cartoon if say George Soros’ name was on the marquee, that would be on the mark. Hey, what about a piece comparing the political contributions of the Koch Brothers and George Soros? Maybe the Clinton Foundation? Now those would be enlightening!

Robert Walters


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