Why That Guest Column?



Guest comment rant from Peacevoice called “TrumPutin” seemed out of place for Rim Country. Same old “sour grapes” directed at Mr. Trump and now potential Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The narrative was about losers and CHAOS due to a new administration, but it was a lost cause.

Usually there is an editor’s note associated with the guest commentaries. It was missing. Here is what was missing.

The guest writer is Tom Hastings, an activist writer of books and articles on non-violence and world peace. He is closely associated with the very liberal Portland State University. PSU faculty and staff have a strong dislike of Donald Trump. Peacevoice wants to change the national conversation toward peace and justice. The small group of peace professionals led by Hastings look at ways to assist media and academia elites by providing press-ready content. They create, at no charge, leftist content for small to medium media sources. Peacevoice is funded by the Jubitz Family Foundation.

Director Hastings writes hit pieces from within the protective bubble of a place called White Feather Peace House. Somehow one of his prepared rants found its way into our award-winning Roundup. His article references how the CHAOS team will bring about everything from forest fires to jobs going to Russia. Whew!

It was so full of hokum and blather. By the way, Hastings, the nemesis of U.N.C.L.E. was not CHAOS. You lose at Trivial Pursuit, too.

Scott Todd


Mike White 2 weeks, 6 days ago

No wonder about the 1960's-ish tenor of the article Scott referred to. I looked up the group out of curiosity. They consist largely of university professors from Portland and are part of the Left-wing Oregon Peace Institute. Not sure why they would want to submit an editorial to the Payson Roundup, though. Maybe someone just downloaded and posted the anti-Trump article hoping some of the mud would stick on the wall, reaching those susceptible to hippy-ish hyperbole.


Nancy Volz 2 weeks, 6 days ago

Why shouldn't their POV be included in the Roundup?! Are just "conservative" viewpoints supposed to be allowed here? Getting information/viewpoints/ideas from all sides is healthier and does lead to better decision-making, even if we do not agree with that information. I've never understood why people think listening to/reading an opposing viewpoint is such a terrible thing. We aren't sheep. We're humans with brains and (hopefully) have been taught to think for ourselves.


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