Student Protests



(This letter is in regards to) Mr. Donald Cline’s recent two letters commenting on the recent protests by Payson High School students, apparently on the election of Donald Trump.

I agree with him in so far as they have that right. I spent five and half years in the U.S. Navy to ensure they had that right! But, I also agree that they should do it on their own time. Not my nickel.

On Nov. 2, 1964 (for those who do not know, that is the presidential election  date), I swore an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of America. That includes the right to assimilate, discuss, in public your, theirs or others grievances. I did not read anywhere (and I read it twice) where it gives the right to destroy, vandalize, burn, or anything else that is considered violent.

That also includes the (murder) of police officers! If you do not like the way things are going in America, including the election of Donald Trump, I will tell you the same thing my father told me when I did not like what was going on, “You are not hobbled nor tied and the road is open at both ends; here is a dollar for gas.”

I was very lucky while I was in the Navy as I was able to travel around the world one and a half times, visit 30 different countries and found not one of them as good as the good ol’  U.S. of A.

Think we have problems here? Just travel 150 miles south of here and see how they try to exist in Mexico! And they are one of the better of countries.

So the next time your liberal instructors tell you to go out and protest, try to figure out what you are protesting, then act as the young adults that you are supposed to be!

Keep up the good work Don, and with my combat decorations and two dollars, I can by a cup of coffee anywhere except Starbucks!

Dave Cleland Sr.

Editor’s note: I might be confused, but I don’t think that Mr. Cline’s letter referred to protests by Payson High School students — but other demonstrations elsewhere.


Donnie Evans 2 weeks ago

Mr. Cleland, excellent post. I believe most on here know exactly what you are talking about. And their was a "threat" made against the Payson HS, it's employees and students during the election results. Enough of a threat for the principal to notify the students parents and compel 160+ students to remain home for fear of a violent action right here in little old Payson. Although the perp's were identified, no action was taken by the authorities. I guess that is called setting the example for others in this day and age.


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